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Ditto Mr.Dangerous. In fact, I think there are laws that are supposed to prevent this kind of cramming of humanity into a too-small space.
I understand the reception of the 3-in-one--Although I also don't see the bed as practically functional (who wants to climb up and down just for a glass of water, and not even be able to sit up in bed?) but what I really don't understand is the number 2 selection. There was just nothing there--NOTHING.
This contest was great a few years ago. It's been sliding ever since.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Small Cool 2008: First Place
5/19/08 05:00 AM

Is this a joke? Whose nephew is he? This contest and site has just lost all my respect.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Small Cool 2008: Second Place
5/16/08 09:53 AM

"kinda staid living room" ???
What universe do you live in lolax? I much prefer this to those movie set entries that look like something out of a dated magazine from the 1950's. If anything about this place is "staid" I would say it's the kitchen--but basically it just looks practical.
This place has style and sophistication. I keep coming back just to revel in its loveliness.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Southwest Finalist #2: Loulou and Nico's Duplex Deluxe
5/13/08 07:27 PM

Good Design in a difficult space.

Very appealing--Especially your terrace.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest Finalist - Stephanie's Life of Pie
5/13/08 12:22 PM

I'm not a "hater". I just know the difference between good design, and crap.

This is Good Design.

See. I can be nice.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Southwest Finalist #2: Loulou and Nico's Duplex Deluxe
5/13/08 12:20 PM

didn't like it then, don't like it now. kermit phone? leg lamp? bike over the stove? Definitely Not My Bag. and as cutesy as those theater seats are, they certainly aren't practical, or comfortable. this place is yet another example of appealing to the just-out-of-college-crew. no way this should be considered
Good Design. I'm sure Matthew is a swell guy, and obviously a great cartoonist.

sorry, but it's the truth.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Southwest Finalist #1: Matthew's Cartoonist Corner
5/12/08 03:57 PM

In general, I like this entry but

1. I think it would be a drag to open two doors every time I wanted into the fridge (I can hear the bang-clank of trying to keep it open while I decided on diet coke or boyle's orange soda) and

2. how do you actually watch that TV while in bed? A might close for my vision...

3. that utterly blank white wall of cabinets is b o r i n g

4. and the white cabinets in the bathroom are too reminiscent of a gas station bathroom for my taste.

5. I also have an issue with the bathroom opening into the kitchen--the idea of odors from those two sources mingling squicks me out.

All in all, it reminds me of last year's London Urchin, and I didn't think that should have won either. I'm with you, Ridge_Van_Winkle...Unless the architect is Luca, I don't think this counts as self-decorated.

Apartment Therapy New York | East Finalist: Luca's Surplus of Storage Light
5/12/08 10:59 AM

1. Loulou&Nico
2. Josh&Kelly
3. Matthew
4. Jordan

I really want to see what they have all done to accommodate living in a small space (not that I consider Josh & Kelly's actually small)...
I don't really like either Matt's or Jordan's...They both look very "I'm just out of college"/ juvenile, (but that's probably why they're so popular).

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Southwest Finalists: Fantasy League Thread
4/30/08 04:50 PM

Je trouve votre espace interressant, jaimerais voir des photos de toutes les pièces.....Alors, j'ai clické "supercool"...

Bon Chance!

Apartment Therapy New York | International #8: Nicolas' Mini Loft
4/29/08 11:30 PM

LOVE LOVE LOVE this place. Super Cool without a doubt. When do we get to see more of it?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Southwest #22: Loulou and Nico's Duplex Deluxe
4/29/08 03:12 PM

WHAT?? I thought the judges and semi-finalists were being announced today?! You're going to make us wait another day?? Aaaarrrrgghhh!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Small Cool Update: Judges, Finals and the Party!
4/29/08 02:57 PM

I think you're in love with JORDAN, not his apartment...I don't see any great design here...Just some 20 something's temporary abode...making an alter out of your television qualifies as Great Design? The projector is sitting on the table, folks! If that's Wild Turkey, Jack Daniels and Johnny Walker Red on that heater, then Jordan should be spanked and put to bed without his supper for ruining good alcohol. Obviously he doesn't deserve to drink the good stuff yet if he treats it like that. That bathroom couldn't be blander, and the kitchen has no personality at all...You've all gone mad, hoping for a date with Jordan, because he sounds like a charming badboy...Just what every girl (and gay man) wants.

You know what Jordan, this is all just a little popularity contest, so you may just win--But don't give up your day job to start designing Just Yet.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Southwest #30: Jordan's Ordo Ab Chao
4/24/08 10:32 PM

doesn't it bother anyone that she basically states that it was her architect's design, yet she WON last year's contest? unless her architect lives there, seems like it didn't fit the contest rules.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Kitchen Spotlight: London Urchin's Fold-Out Jewel Box
4/23/08 11:05 AM