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Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Contemporary Bar Stool Sources in SF?
1/26/09 03:53 PM

The media unit on the wall is the MASH Studios LAX Wall Mounted Shelf from (

Apartment Therapy New York | Alphabet City Budget Renovation The New York Times 12.31.08
1/5/09 06:32 PM

What about a nice charcoal gray?

Apartment Therapy DC | Good Questions: A Green Door on a Pink House?
11/24/08 07:48 PM

I just moved into a loft space too...I feel your pains/excitement! I posted on our blog looking for help/advice and folks came up with some great suggestions both with regards to moving and layout ideas:

Also, If you have a dog do this:

As for a first day kit...basic toiletries, peanut butter and bread, coffee, water, clean sheets/towels, basic kitchenware, and music...glad you have that one covered!

Love the photos of your place...can't wait to see updates!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | What's The First Thing You Unpack? Adventures in Loft Living Day 1
11/17/08 06:38 PM

Susie Mendive of SUM wallpaper already said she'd like to paper the Obama White House walls...I say let her have a go at it!

Apartment Therapy DC | Survey: How Would You Decorate the Obama White House?
11/13/08 08:02 PM

I second barbidahll...Rockridge and Elmwood are amazing. I currently live in Rockridge but am moving to Emeryville for more sq footage of a home and am reallllllllly going to miss the College Ave area.

The east bay is a really great treasure. Folks in SF don't know what they are missing but let's not tell them so we can keep it to ourselves.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Where Should I Look for a House in the East Bay? San Francisco
9/30/08 03:13 PM