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TOTALLY. the rolling litterbox isn't pretty, but it is by FAR the easiest box to clean. i used to be really, really bad about cleaning the litter box because i hated it so much. now i clean it every day in less than 30 seconds. i can never go back to scooping.

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7/10/08 06:46 AM

boy am i glad i clicked through to the article! when you said she replaces eggs with cornstarch and gelatin i was heartbroken. as an ovo-lacto vegetarian, i eat eggs and cream but i avoid animal bones/pig snouts, as delicious and jello-y as they may be. i thought i might never be able to taste her ice cream with a clear conscience. then i skimmed the food and wine article and saw that she only uses gelatin in her frozen yogurt. PHEW! now i can't wait to try her ice cream the next time i head home to columbus.

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6/26/08 06:52 AM

where can i get that coffee table?! it looks just like your other nelson case study stuff but dwr, modernica, and goggle left me still guessing. i want it!

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5/29/08 03:41 PM

all i ever want my apartment to smell like is onions cooking in butter. remember when those demeter fragrances were really popular? you could get perfume and room spray that smelled like dirt or fresh laundry or gin and tonic and all that mess? i want an onion and butter scent please. i will douse myself in it.

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4/22/08 03:11 PM

my mom subscribed to bon appetit for pretty much my entire life, and she was good about getting the binders you can put the whole magazine in. bon appetit also published these recipe indexes for every year you could store with that year's magazines. she used them a lot, and i have many memories of heading down to the basement bookshalves to dig through old bon appetits with her to find a good recipe for ___________. i don't know if magazines still publish those indexes, though, especially considering most of the recipes from any magazine are online.

these days i just tag any recipe that looks good using that way when my friend and i are im-ing back and forth to decide what to make for dinner, we can page through the tags on each other's pages. plus, that way you can add tags like "vegetarian" or "asparagus" or "spring" and search by whatever you might be looking for. i try to add as many tags as possible to i can search by featured ingredient or even just a kind of mood.

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4/21/08 02:19 PM