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there's a link to the website after the jump...with a you tube video showing it in use by a sizable kitty...that was enough for me! i signed up to be notified, i'm definitely interested! why do people slam cool ideas and new product without even looking in to it first?...:-(

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5/21/09 05:42 PM

I live in an old 1 bedroom apartment - the building has all original plumbing and apparently couldn't handle the commercial grade washers so the laundry room was taken away. I recently purchased a portable washing machine (thank you AT for the idea - didn't even know these existed!) - and it has changed my life! I love having a washer in my unit. I also bought the spin dryer and a drying rack, so those are my luxuries! and a beautiful balcony!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | What Are Your Little Luxuries?
4/27/09 09:51 PM

i'm on the 3rd floor and have my bed against the window. i've had my bed on every single wall in my apartment in the last 4 years and always resisted putting it against the wall, even though it made the most sense for flow in my studio set-up. In the summer i'll be worried about the street noise and the slamming of the newspaper box across the street, but right now between a ceiling fan humming and a humidifier humming even louder....mama like....:)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inspiration: Bed In Front of Window
1/6/09 01:38 AM

hi glurf - if you're here in chicago, stop by the MCA giftshop - they've got great, unique things. or shop it online as well as MOMA, etc.

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12/10/08 11:10 AM


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11/7/08 12:21 PM

thank you jmorey! :)

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10/14/08 09:08 AM

i know this has nothing to do with color but...just adopted 2 cats and looking for effective cleaning options. just bought method omop (green swiffer alternative) and considering a cannister vacuum...right now, I have nothing and past with hand-held vacs is always disappointing...any ideas, suggestions? i have hardwood floors and area rugs - heard cannister vacs help with dust instead of sweeping which stirs it up in the air, only to settle again shortly there after...

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10/13/08 08:46 AM

NEWPAPER BOXES ACCROSS THE STREET!!! They get loaded super early...SLAM...and as commuters walk to the train...SLAM...they get more...SLAM...and if there's a free one (red eye, etc.) FERGET IT!!!

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10/9/08 05:46 AM

Thank you Signe! :)

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10/8/08 07:01 AM

old windows hung on the wall

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10/7/08 09:18 AM

any news on when chicago's cure is starting???

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10/6/08 01:11 PM

andersonville arts fest weekend - walking in the streets of andersonville looking at art in different stores while sipping red wine...hmmm...:)

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10/3/08 09:26 AM

I second that Mrs.Mack - my 1st cure and even made a run last night to buy the please!! that what the book's for...hmmm...

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10/1/08 10:17 AM

I think it would be cool if you could use scrabble tiles - take some more of those tiles out and personalize with the some randomly-placed letters or words. the wood tone from the scrabble tiles would relate to the frame of the table. (That is...if they are the same size as the existing tiles....) There's a tile place called "Mosaicos" that I've had luck with - they can custom order.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Replacement Tiles?
4/21/08 01:46 PM