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Flute, always a flute, unless you're drinking it from the bottle which is probably not a good idea unless you're in a dorm room and are 22. In any case, the shape of the flute helps to retain the all important bubbles that you're paying so much for. No bubbles in champagne = no fun. Cheers!

Apartment Therapy - To flute or not to flute, that is the question
8/21/07 10:47 AM

Repeat after me: "obsessive compulsive."

Apartment Therapy - Decorating with Color Coded MMs?
8/20/07 01:33 PM

Designer laundry rooms? So, so, so, so, so, very stupid, but being LA, people will definitely take the bait.

Luxury...Laundry Rooms?
7/3/07 12:24 PM

This is lost on me because I fail to see the point. Yes it's kinda whimsical, but zero on the scale of functional, I mean how many books can you load on it realistically?

BCXSY See-Saw Bookshelf
7/2/07 10:14 AM

You can withhold the payment of rent if you have asked for repairs in writing and they haven't been addressed.

Renters Fight Back! LAHD Code Enforcement Information
5/7/07 10:37 AM

Yes Mr. Sainato is cocky, but so what? It's his home, he should feel some great pride in what he's created in such a wonderful light filled space, however, he's not breaking any new ground. In addition the seating in the living area as nice as it is doesn't invite one to sit in it so much as to wait for their next doctor's appointment.

Small Cool Judges: Michael Sainato
5/2/07 11:16 AM

If you don't want to commit to painting a whole wall just yet, go to an office supply store & buy some poster boards in white. Buy the paint colors you want in the smallest size available, & paint away on your boards. Then hang, stick or tack the boards up on different walls & see which color you gravitate towards the most.

Good Questions: How Do I Try New Paint Colours Without Commitment?
4/19/07 12:07 PM