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For our white sheets and towels I add a cup of hydrogen peroxide and a cup of baking soda to my detergent...the peroxide brightens the whites, the baking soda softens. In fact, I've been adding the baking soda to almost every load, it works so well as a fabric softener.

In regards to household bleach not being as harmful to the environment as its uses in the industrial world - maybe not, but the dioxins it gives off can have an estrogenic effect on your hormone levels. I'm not down with swathing myself in that 8 hours a night!

Can't wait to try the aspirin trick, btw.

White vinegar is great, too.

5 Ways to Naturally Clean Whites | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/17/10 03:21 PM

That's so funny, I thought about doing that a few weeks ago!

Apartment Therapy DC | Creative DIY Lighting Hack
10/23/09 07:39 PM

My husband and I buy a souvenir magnet every time we travel somewhere together and have them all displayed in chronological order on IKEA magnetic strips in our kitchen. It's a fun, unobtrusive collection that reminds us of our travels and makes for a great conversation piece.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Survey: Tracking Where You've Been
10/19/09 11:48 PM

It's unfortunate that this isn't also available to men in cancer treatment. A friend of mine who lives in Chile asked me to clean her elderly mom and stepdad's house because stepdad is in the midst of cancer treatment...trouble is, I live over an hour away from them and have not been able to help her with this simple request. I would love to refer them to this program, but it doesn't look like they would meet the requirements.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Free House Cleaning for Women in Cancer Treatment
10/13/09 09:06 PM

@undercover - I can do one better than you!

My cousin painted an X-Files mural on her bedroom wall, complete with Mulder's catchphrase, "I want to believe."


Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Um, What? Twilight Themed Decor
8/30/09 10:20 PM

We saw no need to register for china, crystal, or silver, and didn't get an iota of grief about it from family, either. We registered for inexpensive basic white everyday dinnerware at Bed Bath and Beyond and love easy to dress up when we have dinner guests. When we chip a bowl, we just replace it for $3.99, and we know we will want something different in ten years anyway. I look forward to getting my mother's wedding china someday - Noritake LaRue, white with a beautiful blue pattern and silver banding.

Ultimately, I'd rather have the good set of cookware!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Survey: Do You Use Your Wedding China?
8/18/09 10:23 PM

My husband and I are planning to do a similar separation in our home office when the time comes, so I enjoyed seeing what you did! You're right, the Expedit works perfectly for both storage and a changing table, I will definitely have to remember that. Thanks for the inspiration!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Smaller Cooler 2009: Isobel's Carved Out Nursery
5/23/09 07:37 AM

I was also going to suggest a Lincoln bust, though I was picturing one in black. Either way. And I'll go ahead and second the motion for verdigris walls and oil-rubbed bronze fixtures. What a great idea!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Ideas for the Penny Tiled Powder Room?
1/11/09 11:39 PM

I just had a visceral reaction not unlike the one I had in 7th grade when someone who imagined themselves cooler and more important than me told me that my Girbaud shirt was out of style.

And guess what? By 10th grade I'd stopped caring what those people think, and I'm a much happier person for it.

Now please excuse me while I place an order with Barter Books.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Keep Calm and Carry On Poster?
1/2/09 09:33 PM

Ok, I know this post is from SEVERAL months ago, but I'm hoping to get a question answered -

The shelf-slash-pot rack to the right of the stove...where is that from? Looks like Ikea, or at least something that could be an Ikea hack, but I'd love it if you could let me know. I'm moving soon and was thinking of doing something similar. Thanks!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | House Tour: Tara's Tiny San Francisco Hodge-Podge San Francisco
12/6/08 10:26 AM

I love this! I will have to keep this in mind for when I get tired of my current black/red/stainless color scheme. What an easy and refreshing revamp it will be!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Color Combo: Red, White and Light BlueSaídos da Concha's Cheerful Kitchen
10/30/08 03:36 PM

I, for one, love that blue. My husband wants to paint his office/den a dark blue...he's a law student and loves claustrophobia while he's studying...I'm going to see if he likes this color. Can you tell me where you got it? Also, I think the orange accents are great with the blue. Just enough to add a punch and very creative!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest #7: Shannon's Sumptuous Studio
4/19/08 04:13 AM