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Hi, It's from Crate and Barrel. It was available a couple of years ago and I should have bought it. :( Just looked on the site to to if it was available again but it doesn't look like it.

Weekend Shopping Alert: 10 Furniture Finds at 50% off or More
7/18/14 12:37 PM

I feel sorry for your boyfriend. Sounds like you're being rather inflexible: *he* needs to change to suit your decor. But I bristle at any mention of a woman who has the need to change their significant other.

My husband was a minimalist and I the exact opposite (think Paxton Gate, Seed to stem). When we moved in together some fifteen years ago, I got rid of a lot of my stuff and gave in to the pressure to live a minimalist lifestyle. It made me so deeply unhappy. Even plants were verboten because they were "messy." About four years ago I stopped giving a damn about what he would say and just started decorating with items that made me happy. Huge Manzanita branch trimmed from someone's yard, mink skull, rock and mineral samples, and yes plants, lots of them. To his defense, he has moved closer to my aesthetic. Today we occupy a space that is a happy medium of modern clean lines and natural history chic. I am very interested in what exactly your "pack rat's" space looks like.

When a Minimalist Meets a Pack Rat...
11/1/13 07:09 PM

Am I the only one who think getting it on at your parent's house is a little... ew?

Did My Parent's PolyCotton Sheets Give My Boyfriend Scars? Good Questions
8/17/13 04:53 PM

YES! SoCalLifer is spot on. I bristled at the "Embrace Your Car" tripe.

A Survival Guide to Life in Los Angeles:
10 Things You Need To Know

8/8/13 01:56 PM

I was wondering the same thing.

Apartment Therapy's Sofa Shopping Guide
6/19/13 04:32 PM

A while back we inherited my mom's old top loading (before we upgraded to HE machines) and it required a deeper clean that just a surface scrub. It smelled of heavy perfume from liquid fabric softener and after each cycle I got a whiff of something sour. Ew. Had never had that experience before. I had tried every cleaning method-- nothing would fix it for more than a week. The perfume smell was killing us (allergies) and I just couldn't take it anymore. I dismantled the washer.Took the frame off and scrubbed inside the tub. It was nasty to say the least. Lots of waxy, moldy, foul smelling, greasy build up. I ran a couple of cleaning cycles after the scrub and scrub the tub (with toilet cleaner and a long bottle brush) a couple more times before I was satisfied.

Anyway, my point is sometimes you need to go a little deeper (especially if your unit is second hand). It's relatively easy... just plan on it taking the whole day.

How To Clean a Washing Machine Apartment Therapy Tutorials
2/19/13 12:28 PM

I'm going to nitpick on something that seems rather commonsense. This is a renovation series written for AT. Why isn't there a material list in the article? Currently people have to ask questions about the manufacturers and where an item was purchased, only to then wait for a response in a comment system that does not notify you when there is a response.

Before & After: World's Ugliest Condo Bathroom
2/18/13 10:50 PM

Song of the South poster in a child's room? YIKES. Glad I'm not the only one cringing.

Before & After: Green & Grimy Toddler Room ohdeardrea
1/7/13 04:09 PM

*swoon* One day, one day, I will have a Blu home.

A Joshua Tree Prefab for The Disney Family
9/18/12 12:40 PM

So glad I was not the only one who thought the audio left something to be desired. Music way too loud and could barely hear what he was saying. Also, boiling water??? How wasteful. Loved the toaster oven, blowdryer, or freezer suggestions. The restaurant that does the toaster trick got it right. No wasted water and the disposal method was great.

One Minute Tip: How to Remove the Wax from Your Candle Jars Apartment Therapy Videos
7/25/12 10:22 PM

When my husband and I were considering buy a home and tearing out the existing flooring this website help out a lot:

We ended up not buying the house but I still dream of concrete floors. :D

Concrete Kitchen Floor Info & Insights? Good Questions
4/9/12 07:26 PM

YES! It's an absolute necessity AND I have a platform bed. We are due for a new mattress and box spring and I'm almost certain we will have to shell out extra money for one. : /

Do You Own a Box Spring? Reader Survey
3/27/12 02:28 PM

I agree with Username26 with the exception of closing cupboard, drawers, door, etc. I have found most people are completely unaware of how hard they close things-- or how hard they walk.

The comment section puts my stomach in KNOTS. We recently moved from the suburbs to the dense urban city. I was so worried we would not be able to find a renal house-- let alone one we could afford. I would sooner live with my husband and our son 11 year old son in a one bedroom house than to have to live in a multifamily unit. In the end we had an amazing stroke of luck and found a house. *Whew*

Tips From My Super: How to be a Good Tenant and Neighbor Renters Solutions
3/14/12 08:39 PM

@MEDIUMGOOF it's a Thomas Paul throw. MyHabit just had it on sale.

Uncommon Sources for Furnishing & Decorating Your Home Weekend Shoppers' Guide
3/3/12 01:00 PM

@SurfJack Thanks for a real review. We've been receiving the circulars in the mail and haven't had the chance to view the products in store. Urban home seems to have some nice modern styles but I was seriously questioning the quality-- especial at that price point. Sounds like IKEA quality.

Anyone else have hands on experience with Urban Home casegoods?

Urban Home: Affordable Reclaimed Wood Furniture & More
Store Profile

2/3/12 02:29 PM

The redesign is AWFUL. I'm speaking from purely a web design point. I understand what you were trying to accomplish-- placing emphasis on the visuals (photography) but the design downplays everything to the point where the page looks unfinished and lifeless.

Welcome to Apartment Therapy 3.0!
1/9/12 03:37 PM


This Look, Your Home: Rustic Masculine
11/23/11 05:41 PM

Paxton Gate is a shop for accessories, too.

This Look, Your Home: Rustic Masculine
11/23/11 05:41 PM

OH. MY. I think I am in love. Beautiful, beautiful home. So many wonderful objects.

@mojones I'm pretty sure I am part of that separated family. I, too, have been asked by many--especially my in-laws-- why there are rocks, skulls, natures flotsam, etc. in very room. "Why are you so creepy?" There just isn't any point to explaining. FYI, I am female.

Where might I purchase the geometric terrarium?

Bradley's Mini Historic Echo Park Home
House Tour

11/17/11 03:20 PM


While I have never owned this particular style we did own a similar style (the T back chair-- forgot the name). The seat is sturdy and could hold 300+ pounds routinely, the back is not. We bought four and three were damaged or broken within a few months of purchasing them. The problem was people leaning back in the chairs. I assume these are the same bent plywood construction so beware!

On a whole West Elm's quality is on par with IKEA. Such a shame because some of the designs are quite nice.

Can West Elm's Scoop-Back Chair Owners Attest to Strudiness?
Good Questions

11/1/11 07:11 PM