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Very nice. I like the shine and the brass details.

Before & After: A Damaged Desk Gets a Dramatic Change
7/9/14 09:06 AM

Very cool gate!

Before & After: Backyard Gate Gets More Glamorous Reddit
6/16/14 11:53 AM

Five Stars! The possibilities are huge, painting them or not to use around the house and garden. Great tutorial

Do-it-Yourself Concrete Door Stoppers Home Made Makeovers
6/16/14 11:47 AM

Beautiful maple (?)chairs
Colleges and universities have chairs with their emblem on the back like yours.
I wouldn't paint them.
I'd look up who's saying that is.

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4/1/13 11:51 AM

Premier soothing space. Very nice

Before & After:
Karyn's Island Bungalow Remodel

3/19/13 06:08 PM

Excellent use of space. Well done!

Before & After: Katherine's Custom Floating Desk The Sweeten
3/19/13 06:05 PM

The Lonny bathroom sinks, chrome frames...the more I see that style, the more I like it. Stylish, clean, and sophisticated.

Storage Solutions: Dressers in the Bathroom
3/19/13 06:02 PM

Fun Beautiful!

Before & After: DIY Mongolian Lamb StoolPreciously Me
2/12/13 11:11 AM

Pull the rug narrative out into artwork. Glue it inside the arched area front. Paint the grooves with gold or another contrasting color, and paint the legs the same color. Replace the gold door pulls with decorative ones that go with the story you've created. You can also pull a color out of the artwork to paint the entire cabinet. An entry can handle the drama.
Your dislike for the arches will probably fade once they blend with the artwork.

Makeover Ideas for Vintage Credenza? Good Questions
2/8/13 02:30 PM

Impressive chairs

Before & After: Maysem's Reupholstered Folding Chairs Ode to Inspiration
2/8/13 08:07 AM

Very nice. A real winner

Before & After: Noelle's Chalk Paint

2/8/13 08:06 AM

The choice and placement of the artwork make the space look open, playful and wonderful.Love those windows and rug.

Sara's Perfectly Personalized
Kreuzberg Apartment House Tour

2/3/13 08:32 AM

I'm an old lady. I call things old lady looking. Elderly, dated, however sweeten it may be, old lady is old lady. And, sometimes we have lambs wool fleece on footstools or the chair arms and such to cushion a tender body area.
I think its worse to criticize an honest critique than it is to make one that goes against the praise.

Before & After: Rocking Chair Makeover for a New Generation
2/3/13 08:25 AM

If today is the 3rd of February, and voting ends the 8th of February, then why does it say "Voting has ended?"

Best Family & Kids Blog The Homies 2013
2/3/13 08:15 AM

Wow! Nice work. Looks professional

Before & After: Sketchy Bedroom to Bright Clean Nursery Urbane Jane
2/1/13 08:17 PM

I'd like to see the footstool fluffy faux fur on the arms as well.

Before & After: Rocking Chair Makeover for a New Generation
2/1/13 08:13 PM

I love the wash stand, but not the gray wood. Reminds me too much of splinters.

Before & After: From Laundry Room to Rustic Chic Bathroom

2/1/13 08:11 PM

The party box is a fantastic idea to make, and send the grandkids during the year for no particular reason.

Party Inspiration: Fantastic Foxes
1/25/13 01:50 PM

I want a room with windows just like that where I can cozy up to read and dream.

Shredding old papers, wearing a mask against the paper dust is a good idea.

Day 18: Weekend Chores: Flowers, Living Room, Empty Your Outbox Apartment Therapy January Cure
1/25/13 01:48 PM

Very nice make over. Really neat idea...
except for the seat...I'm much more comfortable with that photo being not people.

Before & After: Brittan's Chair for the Generations
1/25/13 01:45 PM