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I bought four modern planters from this place online, amazing customer service they gave me free shipping and 20% off.

Roundup: 8 Best Places to Buy Garden Pots
3/19/12 12:53 PM

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I adore lounging in my garden and admire my plants. If you like gardening, you’ve probably spent long days searching for the right pot or garden planter or simply that planter that would make unique the look of your patio. You want to make sure your landscape is rich of life with beautiful flowers and plants. I wanted always add to my patio and my garden a touch of European class, so I started my search and came across this website where I found one the most beautiful collections of outdoor garden decorations to fulfill all my desires. The right classical planter or the pottery that can enhance any type of outdoor living space.
Don't you agree that garden decorations add style and change also the architecture of outdoor areas? Backyard garden decorations make your outdoor spaces more pleasant and enjoyable. Of course you have to choose the right patio decorations according to the style of your house and the colors of the walls. At alfresco Decor each peace has its own unique look practicality and purpose. My suggestion of the above website is to help you find the right pottery for your project like I did, according with what you like or not like.
Alfresco Decor has a variety of pots and plants of different sizes and color or (call it stain if you want) to improve the look of my garden. Another reason why is because their pots are affordable and they can be purchased online and delivered to your step-door. Concrete planters are the best and they last forever. This kind of pottery has a strong resistance to weather conditions. What to say more? Invite your friends and enjoy your garden decor.

Simple, Modern Trellis Idea for the Garden
3/6/12 11:36 AM

Fortunately it's not difficult to grow plants indoors — even in a tiny living room.. what is important is that you give your big pot a destination.
One big pot, some potting soil, and a few plants are all you need. if you don't have a sunny spot choose a plant that doesn't require direct sun light.
Alfresco Decor have the planter garden you need guaranteed! And your new plant projects going for the winter can become reality! If you are already gifted with a green thumb just do it because indoor pots and planters from Alfresco Decor are irresistible. If this project is for those of us who just need a little help to get some green in the house at all in the winter! Any advice on growing herbs indoors? Please share below!

How To: Make a One-Pot Indoor Herb Garden
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