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All those beautiful science-fiction paperbacks, ruined! :'(

How To Make Postcards From Vintage Book Covers Home Hacks | Apartment Therapy Boston
2/20/10 11:38 AM

These are the sort of chairs I would accidentally impale myself on. Far too dangerous for klutzes like me.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Mommy's Chair by Lucy Merchant
6/12/09 10:13 PM

Flowers are a great idea, but I'm the person that forgets about them until they're gross and not only wilted, but completely rotted and the water in the vase is green... eeek. Instead, for longevity, I often go for a plant or two. They make me happy, and I'm of the opinion that you can never have too many plants. My blahs stay away longer with more oxygen.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Cheap Ways to Feel Better About Your Home
6/12/09 10:09 PM

Yeah, knars, thanks for pointing out the absence of the "d" in HUMBOLDT. And I'm a little tired of hearing all the crap about the neighborhood being so sketchy and rough... it's a tremendously huge neighborhood, and to simply give the whole neighborhood (it stretches from Western all the way to Pulaski!) a pass because of a few incidents is ridiculous. Obviously I don't want to completely dismiss stolen wallets and car break-ins, but seriously, I've had countless friends who've encountered similar situations in other supposedly safe neighborhoods (let's not forget that rash of rapes in Lakeview a few years ago, yikes). Besides, much of the east side of Humboldt is pretty much an extended Wicker Park/Ukrainian Village, with awesome joints like Humboldt Pie and The Flying Saucer, to only name a few...

As for the park, it's a gorgeous place to hang out on a summer day. The phenomenon of the Chicago boathouse is at least worth one sight-seeing trip. And the kickball! Seriously! C'mon!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Look! Humbolt Park
5/28/08 01:08 PM

Wrigleyville. Without a doubt. When I first moved to Chicago, I lived within blocks of Wrigley Field, and by the time my two-year lease was up, I was no longer a Cubs fan. The parking, the nightly noise, the annoying El ride north home from work, the car packed with drunken fans... never, never again.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Neighborhood Noise
5/14/08 11:53 AM

I live on the West Side of Chicago, and it woke me up. I have one of those old Wisconsin farmhouse beds, and it rattles and creaks when a large truck rolls by... but this was different. I have never felt an earthquake before, so I was rather unsettled by it, dangerous or not.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest Earthquake: Did You Feel It at Home?
4/18/08 12:43 PM