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I think some people are taking this a little too personally when it comes to finances and career paths.

You give a kid cardboard boxes, newspaper clippings, basic art materials like crayons and posterpaints and blue tack. Well, you got everything a kid needs to make their imaginative world with those items. We never had money. I never went to lessons. Still, I was given the tools to make it all possible. I turned my room into an art studio by sticking all my drawings on the walls and my brother turned his room into an ocean by cutting out pictures of marine creatures and sticking them on his walls! Give your kids the tools and they'll make it possible.

As for career paths, let's face it, it's unlikely your child will be the first cowboy spacemouse but isn't to say you should reject the idea. Instead, take your child's ambitions seriously. My parents did. When I wanted to be an artist they did everything they could to encourage me. They'd tell all their friends I wanted to be an artist, would show my drawings to others. They really made me feel confident, even when I had a massive ambition change at six and wanted to be an actress. They did the same to my brother who wanted to be a spy, then a marine biologist, then a physics professor and then, finally, a musician.

Had my mother decorated my room pink with purple and took all my Van Gogh books away and replaced them with barbie dolls, I'd have been absloutely heart broken. It should never be about what you think your child should be. They're little people and if you reject their dreams, you're rejecting them and it hurts when you're too young to understand. I have a friend whose parents wanted her to be a violinist. They invested a lot of time and money into their dream of her being a violinist. She was very unhappy and so at last threw caution to the wind and ran off to follow her own dreams of directing. You can't make a kid something they're not.

Oh and I became an artist. I'm working on the actress part.

Embrace Your Child's Dreams Dos Family
2/29/12 07:24 AM

A little unfair to be ageist about it folks!
I'm not in my 20s yet and I consider it extremely rude. My parents in their 50s and 60s fail to switch it off and instead take calls, surf the net, text etc. It has little to do with age, more to do with ignorance and lack of empathy for fellow diners.

Sitting over your food, texting, surfing the net, snapping and other such technological things are TOTALLY unacceptable if sharing a meal with others. It's just unfair. I don't see how leaving a phone on the table is any different from taking out a massive newspaper and spreading it across the table. It alienates just about everyone else and takes away what is fundamentally important about going out to eat with others. We share them! We break bread, talk and enjoy. We don't separate into our own little bubbles. We’ve been sharing meals for thousands of years and I don’t see why this important bond between food and friendship should be harassed because someone fails to PUT IT AWAY.

Still acceptations have to be made... you're hardly going to rage at someone for putting their phone on vibrate because they're waiting to hear news of their ill grandma, whether they got the job or not etc. So long as they tell you and leave the table, I hardly think it's a matter worth raising your nose at.

Table Manners: A New Cellphone Etiquette?
Los Angeles Times

2/25/12 06:10 AM