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this is what is wrong with modern design. you say "use veneer". "its wasteful". a carpenter i am offended at the negative comments left. this is a skill which has taken this craftsmen years to hone. it has taken money. it has taken time. it has taken very close calls with chisels. it has taken lots of things to get to where he is. shame on everyone that says use veneer. yes he did shed a lot of shavings, but that can be broken down to make wood filler. that can be broken down to use in alot of projects. he is saving that stump from a fire place and making a beautiful piece of work. it takes no effort to type comments like the ones i have seen here. as far as veneer goes, there is a lot of process used in making that. you have to burn oil to use machinery to cut your veneer. you have to truck it to your nearest home depot big box store. this is far more environmentally friendly then using veneer. as a woodworker, i hate veneer. i love pure wood. the smells that you get from wood beats any veneer and no veneer can replicate what he has done. may you forever be banished to ikea and big box stores for your furniture because you definately dont appreciate craftsmanship.

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2/24/12 08:34 PM