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Here are a few ideas:
Wash them as you go.
Get a dishwasher.
Use a crock pot.
Develop a collection of one-pot meals.
Cook on the weekends for the whole week.
Make enough for two meals.
Find some good sources for takeout food.

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3/21/14 01:06 PM

A whoopie pie pan would work. $10 at Bed Bath and Beyond.

How Can I Cook Perfectly Round Egg Whites for Breakfast Sandwiches? Good Questions
3/6/14 04:59 PM

Scrambled eggs with sauteed onions and peppers? BarbaradG, you are an inspiration.

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3/5/14 06:26 PM


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2/13/14 06:22 PM

Branston Pickle is The Best Thing Ever. I love it on a cheese sandwich, also great on a baked potato or for a nice snacky lunch with fruit and crackers.

Favorite Fall Snack: Branston Pickle
12/2/13 01:57 PM

I googled it. Paula Deen has a recipe, of course. It looks so awful it can only be good. I'm going to try it.

My Favorite Retro Thanksgiving Dish: Pineapple Cheese Casserole
11/22/13 01:07 PM

I hate pumpkin pie. I'm not convinced pumpkins are even food. The smell, that stringy stuff inside - disgusting.

A Pumpkin Pie Manifesto: Why Buy Pumpkin Pie When It's So Easy to Make?
11/18/13 05:04 PM

Order a pizza.

What Do You Serve an Impromptu Guest?
11/11/13 12:48 PM

It seems like the difference here is that you and your friends made a plan to create a nice dinner together while Amelia's host made a plan and told the guests that they will be paying for it. I would love to be included in your party. If I were Amelia I might decline the tacky invitation.

A Friend Asked Me to Pay Cash for Thanksgiving Dinner. What Do I Do? Good Questions
11/4/13 09:28 AM

This recipe looks good, but I think frozen spinach is disgusting. I assume you could wilt 10 ounces of actual spinach in less time than you could squeeze that icky green water out of a lump of mushy thawed spinach. Is there any reason not to do that?

Slow Cooker Recipe: Cheesy \"Baked\" Spinach & Mozzarella Rigatoni Recipes from The Kitchn
10/21/13 12:14 PM

Everything will go out of style at some point. I think you should have things in your kitchen that are functional and beautiful.

Remodeling a Kitchen? 8 Trends To Avoid
10/17/13 04:23 PM

Cutting tomatoes in half? Oh, I don't know... Anyway, nice manicure.

Kitchen Hack: The Fastest, Easiest Way to Slice a Bunch of Cherry Tomatoes Tips from The Kitchn
10/14/13 12:16 PM

So we're all admiring how cute this chicken is, meek and with bangs that need to be cut, and then we hear about tacos and Top Chef? I can hardly stand to eat the homely chickens. I am certainly not going to eat one of these.

Is This Not the Best Chicken You've Ever Seen? (Her Name Is Izzy-Belle.)
10/5/13 12:48 AM

I find 6 minutes to be too long. 4 is plenty, with a little stirring time at the end to bring it together.

How To Make Perfect 15-Minute Risotto
in a Pressure Cooker Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

9/20/13 01:16 PM

Bourbon and french fries? What's wrong with that?

5 Very Real, Very Sad Lunches from
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9/18/13 06:23 PM

After trying an egg baked in an avocado, I am left wondering why I or anyone else would want to do that. It was just icky.

10 Ways To Fill an Avocado Pit Hole
9/12/13 03:18 PM

Best or worst idea ever you ask? I say worst.

K-Cup Soup: Best or Worst Idea Ever?
9/10/13 10:50 AM

My mother always said it was important to wash the butcher's fingerprints off.

Why You Shouldn't Wash Raw Chicken Video
8/29/13 12:53 PM

This seemed like a really dumb idea until I thought about it for a minute. Now I realize it's brilliant and I'm going to make some today.

Recipe: Frozen Single-Serve Oatmeal with Almonds & Dried Cherries Recipes from The Kitchn
8/27/13 03:11 PM

I have a Kuhn-Rikon. It's totally safe and easy to use. I suppose you can overcook your food and make mush out of almost anything, but if you get a good cookbook (anything by Lorna Sass or Pressure Cooking for Everyone by Rodgers and Ward for example) and follow the directions you can make a pretty fabulous dinner when you're in a hurry. I have made soup, chili, pot roast, stew, cheesecake, cranberry relish, risotto (4 minutes), moroccan chicken (Rodgers and Ward, a big favorite), and it's a great way to cook beans when you forget to soak them overnight. I have a ceramic cooktop and I have never made anything in my pressure cooker that didn't turn out right.

Do Pressure Cookers Inspire Love or Terror in Your Kitchen? Reader Survey
8/19/13 10:53 AM