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With the help of my dad, I renovated our bathroom last March, and I can really relate to tip number 5! At the time, I had a very stressful job, and all I wanted was a place to unwind at the end of the day. We had one tiny shoebox bathroom, and it was anything but relaxing. So we saved up, and for about $1500, we transformed it into the calming space it is now. I echo Littlemisssunshine in that white towels really make a big difference!

You can check out If you would like to see pics or read about some of the challenges during the remodel :)

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5/10/12 12:35 PM

Oh gosh...If I had to try and get everything I own into one room it would not end well. (I'm 25) Let's see, a car, a couch, a queen bed with headboard, a bookcase, two dressers, three desks, dining table and four chairs, tv stand, large tv, etc etc etc...and that's just the furniture to help in storing everything...

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3/2/12 02:01 PM

Having "toys" laying around the house is too true. We gave our 100lb lab pointer mix a giant bone (cow femur maybe?) a while back (he seems to destroy just about anything else), and it is a constant battle to keep it out of our dining room. It's as if he waits for me to pick it up and move it to his room so that he can go get it not 30 seconds later and correct me on where it should go...the dining room.

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2/29/12 02:58 PM

We got a 46" last year and love it. I considered a 55", but couldn't justify the extra cost. My husband and I love watching movies together (it is one of the few activities we actually agree on) and dont feel like we are missing out not going to a theater all the time. With saving close to $20 a pop if we get popcorn, and being able to snuggle under a blanket on our comfortable couch, I'll say it is one of the best buys we've made. (The TV is about 12' away from the couch)

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2/27/12 02:06 PM

The floor is fantastic, and the colors, and the table...I love the setup of the table! It would make me feel confident in your abilities as a professional if I came into an office like this :) Wonderful job!

Before & After:A Calm, Creative Home Office Makeover The Office Stylist
2/24/12 02:13 PM

I also put my brushes in ziplock bags when I am in the middle of a project, and I have been known to use garbage bags as tray liners, covers, drop cloths etc. Simply cut open the sides and you have quite a piece of plastic to work with :)

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2/24/12 11:37 AM