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So, I'm part of a trend? Hmm. Here I thought I was just painting my bedroom a color I happen to like and decorating in a style that suits me. I like pink. I like pretty. I like things that are "traditionally feminine." However, that doesn't take anything away from the fact that I earned the money to buy the walls I'm painting, and I used my power tools and belief that I can do just about anything to build things like my tufted velvet ottoman.

When I first found AT, I tried to adapt my taste to what I was seeing over and over again. Eames chairs. Floating shelves. Minimalism. White and gray everywhere. It just wasn't me. Rather than try to conform, I just accepted that I was more "midcentury Grandma" than "Midcentury Modern."

I'm sorry if some view it as some sort of betrayal to the years women spent digging ourselves out of gender stereotypes and the suffocating little pink boxes people tried to shove us into. However, I view it as an evolution from "either/or" to "yes, I can have both." It's mine. I worked for it. Why shouldn't I do what I want with it?

"The New Prettiness": The Resurgence of Traditional Femininity in Decor
2/24/12 11:42 AM