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I really love this! Very sophisticated.

Zoie’s Central London Sanctuary House Tour
11/29/13 12:44 PM

Going with a rolled edge makes a big difference, too.

Counter Culture Sustainable Countertop Design from Wilsonart
6/13/13 02:26 PM

I helped my landlord renovate my kitchen and we put in Wilsonart. It's beautiful and has been super durable so far.

Counter Culture Sustainable Countertop Design from Wilsonart
6/13/13 02:25 PM

Really beautiful. I absolutely love the bathroom. Nowadays you see so much farmhouse style done in all white, so I love that you embraced color, too.

Emily-Kate's 1913 Mill House, Reborn House Call
6/11/13 09:34 PM

First one I've favorited too! You have a good eye!!

Megan's Revived & Renewed Small Cool Contest
5/14/13 10:35 PM

The pictures are lovely, and the house is divine. Chic, tasteful, and inventive. Thank you for sharing -- I am totally inspired.

Jason and Jon's Highly Personal Design Lab House Tour
1/7/13 12:56 PM

I painted our living room white a few years ago with the same idea in mind (make it loft-like) and love it. I think you're definitely on the right track. One thing I did was switch out our plain white curtains for some with a little color. They're a subtle gray and they give the walls more interest without taking away from the clean look.

Making a Change: What A Difference Paint Makes
1/9/12 11:41 PM

love your place Sabrina! also wanted to let you know I am really loving the "High/Low Project."

Sabrina Soto's Penthouse Pops with Color
House Tour

10/19/11 04:08 PM

I'm surprised by all the harsh comments. I think this spot is way cool. I especially like the way you hung those Polaroids. May have to borrow that idea. :)

Nina's Styled Studio
House Tour

10/11/11 07:08 PM

I love Emily! Both the show and her designs are unconventional, which makes it a must-watch for me.

Who is Your Favorite TV Designer?
7/18/11 05:42 PM

Every room is fantastic in its own way... I'll be poring over this tour for days!

Minh & Ted's Lovingly Renovated Home
House Tour

7/6/11 12:53 PM

What a great post! It will definitely come in handy for me this year when I host christmas for the first time.

5 Low Cost Big Impact DIY Branch Centerpieces
11/12/10 05:08 PM

i used chantilly lace in matte finish in my living room and it looks beautiful (super white in semi gloss for the trim). i wanted the art and furniture to pop and they really do.

Which White Paint Do You Like?
8/5/10 10:38 AM

i've had a long, narrow living room similar to yours -- very hard to make it work and you did a great job. i love all of the living room furniture, especially the rug and the couch. the kitchen is beautiful and the pendant you chose compliments it nicely.

Kate & Cameron Surrounded by Art
House Tour

8/4/10 04:19 PM

i have a transit scroll with numbers on it rather than destination names. i saw it on three potato four's site, liked it, and bought it. people always ask me about it, and no one knows what it is.

however, i am obviously a little weirded out that they've gotten so popular. i would say that both the keep calm poster and the transit scroll are part of a larger embrace of graphic elements and signage in art that has spread throughout the blog world. i do find this trend a little tiresome because it is so "easy" -- i.e. you don't have to know much about art to like and appreciate it.

however, the keep calm poster craze annoys me more because people seem to like them not even for the way they look, but for the sentiment they promote, which is really banal.

Are Vintage Transit Scrolls the New "Keep Calm"? | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/5/10 02:48 PM

would be really appreciative if you posted the grey bedroom wall color. great job!

Small Cool 2010: Ariana's Wall of Windows Small Division # 20 | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
4/20/10 12:38 PM

Wouldn't it make sense to ditch the insanely tight deadline for completing these kitchens? I know they do it to manufacture conflict, but it's so unrealistic, leaves zero time for planning and execution, and so of course the kitchens look horrible. It would be one thing if they were just playing around, but people actually have to use these kitchens. Good design takes more than 26 hours! I'm so tired of "competition" shows that are not only totally disrespectful of real life but have no conception of what makes for compelling drama.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Blogging...Design Star, Episode 2
7/28/09 04:41 PM

i've seen whiteonwhite's in person and they look great. the upholstery is very nice. i think they're only in NYC though. maybe they would ship them to you.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Is There a Better Quality Knockoff? Good Questions
7/21/09 04:09 PM

kiljoywashere: how does that sentence constitute punctuation overload? her use of commas was spot-on!

Apartment Therapy New York | Is IKEA the Least Sustainable Retailer? The Atlantic
7/20/09 12:36 PM

i used to live in dc and i loved the restaurant. this post made me nostalgic.

Apartment Therapy DC | Great Escapes at Home: The Tabard Inn
7/6/09 04:15 PM