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Agree with several posts. A small storage unit is very, very inexpensive and often they have first month free specials. I have used them many times.

Where To Store Your Stuff When Staging/Selling a Home? Good Questions
12/13/12 09:19 AM

Very nice. I bet she is an amazing nurse too. And, I really like the painted pallet bench on the porch- so many of these end up in the landfills it makes an easy and very useable bench. In my first apartment in the 1970's we used them with a twin bed matress for a couch - cheap and it worked.

Christi's Creative & Crafty Austin Apartment House Tour
11/21/12 08:26 AM

Grey is a very difficult color to get correct. It can have a lot of undertones of many colors. My trick for grey was to pick up samples an match it against my grey Pesian cat. He had a lot of different grey hues. I matched him up to a light shade I wanted and love the color. atched a darket shade to him for a differet room. Pay attention to nature. Nature makes pure colors. Sadly that kitty moved on to kitty heaven, I have an orange cat now but not looking ot match paint to him any time soon. However he loves to go outside and with all the fall colors and turning leaves he blends right in ..

Choosing Wisely: Tips for Getting the Perfect Paint Color Every Time
11/8/12 08:40 AM

A good idea for preparedness is to scan or copy your important papers and send them to a friend or relative in another state.

\"What Is Really Important\":
Thoughts on Sandy, Home & Community

11/6/12 04:12 PM

very clever, and yes, why did I not think of that!

DIY Cup and Saucer Pincushion Small + Friendly
9/28/12 10:31 AM

Very nice. Love everything about it. Your comment about patience is so true. Good things take a little time. Your bathroom will be awesome and hopefully AT will show us a follow up photo when you complete that project.

Grant & Mark Transform a Neglected House House Tour
9/22/12 07:41 AM

I too work from home . I make a point of getting dressed as though I were going to work in a casual offce. I dress mostly in knit layers that can easily be accessorized in an instant or double duty at a yoga class if necessary.

How Hot Do You Look At Home?
9/19/12 01:26 PM

I LOVE Marimekko. In fact, my sewing room aka "the Woman Cave" is slowly evolving into my "Mad for Marimekko" cave. One chair I reupholstered in a fabric that started it's life as a Marimekko shower curtain from Crate and Barrel , Working on an ottoman now and another chair to go once I find the right fabric. Then time to make pillows from all kinds of different patterns. Can't wait.

Quick History: Marimekko
9/18/12 02:47 PM

very nice- not my style but it is well done.

Before & After: DIY Compass Rose TableNellie Bellie
9/17/12 12:51 PM

I have the IKEA hooks too and they work great.

10 Life Enhancing Home Items Under $25
9/16/12 07:29 AM

very nice idea. I have back injuries that require icing several times a day and use big pakcs. But when I broke a finger a few years ago this would have been a great idea, wrap the sponge around something round freeze it and instant fitted ice pack for the finger- or toe. Cut in shapes this makes cute for kids boo-boos too.

Make Ice Packs From a Kitchen Sponge My Kitchen Escapades
9/13/12 06:58 PM

Agree, contact a museum, perhaps the National Textile Museum in Washington,DC is a good place to start. They would know of regional museums with local textile experts.

good luck.

How To Clean Years of Smoke from Crewel Embroidery? Good Questions
9/11/12 02:22 PM

Good comment about about to expire food. Every single homeless shelter out there is desperaley in need of food. If you have about to expire canned or packaged goods, take it there. If you have a few too many staples because you loaded up while on sale, bring them to the shelter. Many shelters that feed meals on a regular basis are equipped to take cooked food- always great to know if you have a big party and too many leftovers.

5 Ways To Combat Food Waste At Home
9/11/12 10:04 AM

Agree with above comment. Last week there was a post about curtains and they linked to some past posts showing how to do this divider effect with basic wire and a system that a renter could do and remove and easily patch.

How Can I Create a (Semi-)Private Bedroom? Good Questions
8/28/12 08:17 AM

We sleep in seprate roooms most nights. Different habits. I go to bed at 9:00 and wake up early. He goes to bed at 12-1, sleeps late. He tosses, turns, mumbles, makes noises. I have a bad back and need to brace myself with pillows to get comfortable. Works for us after 21 years together I would not have it any other way.

Couples Sleeping in Separate Bedrooms
8/27/12 05:53 PM

I have 2 cats. Anyhere but the kitchen counters and they know to keep off of those. They have a cat door too and we have great outdoors pace. They have made a cat friend and they invite that cat in a few times a week, he is welcome too. He seem to only come in and eat in the middle of the night, rest a little in the same spot then goes on his merry way.

Pets On Furniture: Yay or Nay?
8/27/12 02:37 PM

If you are running electrical cords be sure to get heavy duty cords. You should look for a 12/3 guage- this is usually the orange/yellow or green type of cord. Keep in mind the further the electicity has to travel, the more the cord heats up(even though you may not feel it- it does) and the longer the cord, the heavier duty it needs to be. If you want to know what is best, go to your hardware store and ask a professinal there to help you. Do not use the lttle timy cords you use to add a few feet of cord to a basic lamp. Appliances like toasters and corffee pots use a lot more electiciity than you think. Consider finding an electrician that may be able to make up some custom cords for you .

Help! No Outlets in Kitchen or Bathroom Good Questions
8/23/12 05:03 PM

Europe is far more open to bringing your dogs with you everywhere you go. Most resaruants there allow dogs to enter, and so do the stores, different customs in different countries. Manland- good idea fo the guy that would rather not shop. For years major retailers and malls have seen that having a spot for the other person in the shopping party to sit and relax is important.

Parking Your Dog (or Your Man?!) at IKEA While You Shop
8/20/12 12:51 PM

I mix clumping and basic litter and then add a bit of baking soda to the pan. And, higher priced/quality and natural foods are better too. No smell. And, the cat's coats are in better shape- my adopted cat was fed "big name brand" stuff when I got him and he had a very oily coat, got matted, had stinky you know whats. After about 3 months on a better food, he looks much better and no stinkies.

A Pretty Way To Hide Kitty Litter
8/16/12 09:40 AM

Agree with the rug and decor first, then consider a whitewash at the most. Vermont has charm. This fits up there. If it were in the suburbs of a major metropolitan area, different story.

Help My Mom Decide: The Great Wood Paneling Debate
8/14/12 01:26 PM