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Firstly, your bedside is a lot tidier than mine. We went with an IKEA Mandal bed, which has brilliant drawer storage underneath - I was quite happy with the idea of not having bedside tables when we got it, as I always end up with serious clutter issues, and I thought having the drawers would mean I had plenty space... Now we have sockets that aren't covered up by the table that should be there, and half a dozen charger and lamp cables.

Anyway, you said you didn't want drawers or trays, how about a smaller version of this:
You could put everything apart from your water and lamp in something like that. I know it's a bit big and ugly, but I've seen others out there, and I'm sure you could make something similar without too much effort.

Also, I love your lamp - where is it from?

How Does One Function with a Dysfunctional Nightstand?
2/24/12 05:45 AM