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Great Posts! I read all of the post and tried something that seem to work for me. I have a Simmoms Pillow Top - a horrid mattress. My solution was to take two comforters that I was no longer using. I folded the comforters to conform to the two sags in the mattress (his and hers), then placed the comforters under the mattress. By themselves the comforters are not long enough, when folded, to cover the full length of the bed. The sag was removed when I replaced the mattress, but the head and feet were now lower than the back. To correct this, I added a pillow to the top and bottom of the two comforters. I pushed the comforters and the pillow flush against each other to form a contiguous section. I replaced the mattress and everything aligned nicely. The sag is completely gone. My mattress is now two inches higher, but a small price to pay for a good nights sleep.

How To: Fix a Sagging Mattress
2/23/12 01:23 PM