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Fantastic, Nick! Miss you here in DC!! Your long lost friend...BZ!

Nick's Grad School Digs House Tour
10/18/12 10:38 PM

I used to own those three mustard-colored vases until one day the shelf decided to fall off the wall. Can I have yours? :(

Hakarl & Jili Build a Family Home House Tour
6/7/12 09:57 AM

Nice space. Just wondering...why the dress over the bed??

Ailin's Serene TriBeCa Abode House Tour
5/8/12 11:13 PM

Whoa. I have to pick myself up off the floor.

Poke Acupuncture's New Spot On Melrose Office Tour
4/23/12 02:24 PM

hands down...the best tour on AT to date. AMAZING.

Daniel's Eclectic Industrial Loft House Tour
4/17/12 09:58 PM


The Oasis Clubhouse
House Tour

3/3/12 03:09 PM

Does the Yeti at least have a name? I'm scared.

Liv's Crafty Colorful Office Tech Tour
2/27/12 04:15 PM

Looks great but why is the desk for two so small?

Before & After: Calm, Creative Home Office Makeover The Office Stylist
2/24/12 02:04 PM

I really like the repurposing of some of the pieces. All together, however, it's confusing to me.

Greg & Deirdre's Guest House
House Tour

2/22/12 04:43 PM