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I actually dislike the feel of a made bed - tucked in sheets drive me nuts. So I settle for simply pulling up a big comforter that covers everything and is fluffy enough to cover up if the sheets are a bit wrinkly underneath.

5 Chores You Should Never Skip (Even If You're Busy)
5/11/14 07:24 PM

Totally random comment, but you have a beautiful child! :)

As for safety issues, everyone has to make their own choices. Heck, small babies would probably be safer sleeping with their mom on a thin mat on the ground (check out the SIDS rate in Japan), but you're not going to see most Americans doing that any time soon! Safety also has to be compromised with culture and practical realities.

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly: One Year Sharing a Bedroom with a Baby
4/30/14 06:24 PM

This is a wonderful idea, but the baby-product industry is so terrified of lawsuits that I don't know if it will ever be a reality.

Volvo's Space-Saving (Inflatable) Car Seat of the Future
4/17/14 04:24 PM

Going to chime in with leighannemary - there are plenty of modern "firepits" that can even be used indoors, since they're basically just glorified gel fuel burners. The same sort of thing you'll find under a chafing dish.

Also agreeing on the railing. That sort of railing is terrifying and far too easy for kids or pets to climb. Probably cost an arm and and a leg and a couple more organs to replace, though.

Before & After: A Roof Deck Transformation Sweeten
4/16/14 04:12 PM

My kid is only two, so he can't do much, but he loooves "measuring" things with the measuring tape. He uses a smaller measuring tape, not one of those big heavy metal case ones.

Home Renovation, 7-Year-Old Style
4/9/14 04:05 PM

Considering how long it takes even the best hand dryers to get your hands to merely damp, there's no way something like this could work in thirty seconds unless it was nearly full body sized.

As for reusing towels - if you have healthy body flora, It's unlikely to matter much if some of your good bacteria survives on the towel. Of course, hanging towels so they don't stay damp would be important to discourage too much bacterial growth, whether they're friendly or not.

Sharing towels is obviously less of a good idea. But your own towel? Unless you've already got a skin condition showing signs of bad bacteria or fungus/etc, it's really not going to hurt you.

Body Dryer Wants to Replace Your Post-Shower Towel Design News
4/8/14 03:42 PM

Just make sure you get someone good, as you never want to screw around with anything that connects the inside of your house to the outside. The people who lived in our house before us had an improperly trimmed window put in, and you would not BELIEVE the amount of wood rot and damage to the house I am dealing with to this day. Just from one window. Make sure that water stays outside! :)

Is It Possible to Have Larger Windows Installed in Bedroom? Good Questions
3/31/14 10:40 AM

I don't use swiffers myself, but my toddler LOVES them.

He also likes his miniature real broom, but thanks to his age and lack of coordination it's a mess maker that just pushes dirt around. When he uses his swiffer, it actually picks up the dirt and does real cleaning, which is just awesome.

It's very easy to make a swiffer toddler sized too - all you have to do is leave out one of the handle sections, and it's perfect.

As for mopping, I've got yet another one of those spray mops with the reusable pads for everyday use and a classic sponge mop for picking up big puddles. I can not imagine using the traditional yarn mop.

Are Swiffers Really As Good As They Claim? Good Questions
3/27/14 10:01 PM

For artwork you want to keep more than a few years, you may want to consider skipping the tape and using archival mounting strips. They're really not THAT expensive - just a quick look found a box of 60 strips on Amazon for $12.

This solution wouldn't work for framing on top of the mat, only from behind the mat (the traditional look) because otherwise you'll see the tape.

Whatever tape you use, definitely make sure it's archival! Tape can get awfully yucky and do weird things when it goes bad.

Frugal Living: How To Frame Your Art on the Cheap Apartment Therapy Tutorials
3/27/14 11:26 AM

I bet it's just a leaky gasket/seal/etc but the landlord never bothered to fix it because they don't have legally have to do so.

A bit off topic, but if your tub is missing its caulking, caulk that bad boy! Just a tiny bit of missing caulk can cause major water damage, as I learned when my kitchen ceiling fell in just a week after moving into our first home. If that's just black mold, no worries, you're certainly not the first renter to have to deal with that. :)

How To Hide an Unusable Bidet? Good Questions
3/27/14 09:30 AM

My kid hated pacifiers but he still loved his wubbanub. We had the giraffe, and he loved to chew on its limbs and ears. I think its high contrast spots made it more interesting to him when he was just a tiny baby.

Personally I'd never buy this behemoth of a crib that I'm still saddled with. It's one that can convert to a toddler bed and then a full sized bed, which sounded awesome when I bought it! But the crib experience was such a disaster that the little guy ended up sleeping on a mattress on the ground in a baby-proofed room instead, so now I have this big clunky bed frame sitting in my garage for two years, and I'm coming to realize I'm unlikely to use it for a long time. Spent too much on the stupid thing to just give it away, argh.

Shifrah's List: Baby Items I'm Glad I Bought and Ones I Wish I Hadn't
3/26/14 12:59 PM

Ack, the before picture looks too much like my fireplace for comfort. I hope it can look as nice as the after shot someday!

Before & After: Patience's Fairy Tale Fireplace Makeover
3/24/14 11:32 AM

Mildew is definitely NOT caused by animal fats. That's the craziest thing I've heard all week. Take it from me, I grew up in a hippy household that line dried everything and I never even saw softener until I went to college, but we still had lots of mildew to deal with because we lived in a WARM, MOIST ENVIRONMENT. Once you get over 80 degrees (F) and 65% humidity, you've got mildrew issues, simple as that. Even if you had a completely vegan household. Mildew loooves plant matter.

Quick Cleaning Tip: Keep Baseboards Cleaner With Fabric Softner
3/16/14 07:15 PM

Yeah, realistically, you should only stockpile for the situations you can handle. Living in the mountains of NC, it was not that big a deal when we had a flood that destroyed all the roads and cut off our house from electricity for a month. People had gravity fed water and fireplaces (with firewood!) and plenty of food. But people mainly had those things because they lived out in rural areas where they could easily be cut off.

If you live in, say, New York, there's no point in stocking more than a week worth of food. If you can't get food after that, rocks are falling from the sky and everyone is dying anyway, so it would be better to have a bug-out bag and a rock solid escape plan than a lot of stuff.

I'd say the lesson to take home here is that keeping resources stocked up is good, but don't go so crazy that your "just in case" stock takes over your life and home.

Store It At the Store: How to Curtail Your Urge to Stock Up Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/15/14 02:35 PM

With a galley kitchen it somehow always seems to look better with a modern update. Very nice!

Before & After: A Narrow Galley Kitchen Gets an Urban Update
3/15/14 02:16 PM

I'm with Papageiena - sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and realize you can only control so much. I routinely stayed up later than my parents when I was in elementary school! (They actually didn't know, as I learned early to feign sleep.)

So take the excellent suggestions out there to help kids sleep, but don't get frustrated or be hard on yourself (what am I doing wrong?) if it just doesn't work. Some people are just wired that way.

5 Tips to Help Kids Get a Good Night's Rest Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/13/14 11:41 AM

We're probably not renewing, which means Amazon is likely to lose a LOT of business from us. Free shipping for only two days makes Amazon actually easier than hitting up the store, but paying $100 for the privilege just feels too steep. Hello again, old brick and mortar stores.

Amazon Prime Will Cost $99 Starting March 20 Design News
3/13/14 11:31 AM

Ha, YES! This is the exact reason I have some sort of small "activity station" in every area of the house - it makes my life so much easier to clean while the little guy is busy. I look forward to someday being able to clean upstairs while he's playing downstairs, but that won't be for a little while yet.

I solved the kitchen meltdowns because I was lucking enough to have a double sink with one very small side. I let him play with soap bubbles and some plastic dishes on one side while I wash in the big main sink. It's a bit less convenient, but busy silence is golden while you're trying to get something done! One of these days I'll get a toddler learning tower, but for now a very sturdy chair with a high back and high arms seems to keep him safe enough while I'm there supervising.

One Simple Step Toward a Keeping a Cleaner House With Little Kids
3/12/14 10:13 AM

If you look at the website, she made that amazing fish tail tile out of SCULPEY. SCULPEY!!! I am flabbergasted. What an awesome, crazy, audacious idea.

Before & After: Laminate Countertop
Goes Concrete!
Kara Paslay Designs

3/8/14 10:51 PM

I wish I'd never bought a stroller in the first place! I went through three of the damn things (each more expensive than the last) before I realized my kid hated strollers with a burning passion.

Now my basic philosophy is that if it's for the kid and more than $100, try everything in your power to borrow one for a week or two first to see if it's even worth buying.

Roni's List: Baby Items I'm Glad I Bought & Ones I Wish I Hadn't
2/28/14 12:50 PM