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I'm so glad to see this place featured, it's awesome. Every detail down to the lightbulbs perfectly compliments the modern rustic chic vibe. The owners were super friendly, and gave us great restaurant recommendations, as well as some sort of scented sticks to light in the room (not incense, something want to cleanse the space), and it's dog friendly, which is hard to find.

Chris + Kenny's Ojai Rancho Inn Home Away From Home Tour
8/25/13 08:27 PM

I'm not quite sure what a 3500 square foot traditional suburban home is doing on Apartment Therapy, a site that tends to focus on smart solutions for smaller urban spaces.

I'm also not sure that based on the decor choices this was the right house to feature; I feel like I've seen this space already on every mormon mommy blog that pops up on the decorating section pinterest. the DIY aspect is impressive but may have been better suited for an hgtv.com article.

Victor & Adrienne's DIY Cabin in the Sky House Tour
4/18/13 07:39 PM

Thanks! It's the (sadly discontinued) Corona sofa from Macy's. if you can still find one somewhere I highly recommend it.

Will the Wall Heater Ruin My Fabric Couch? Good Questions
3/21/13 02:55 PM

Not blocked, it opens completely. Honestly, I've played around with every possible furniture arrangement and (aside from the heater) this one makes the most sense for maximizing space.

Will the Wall Heater Ruin My Fabric Couch? Good Questions
3/20/13 02:48 PM

Thanks for all the great ideas! I guess it is a little more than two feet away, because the closet on that wall opens completely with room to apare, so that hasn't really been an issue.
I can't flip the couch to line up with the hallway, because the opposite wall has large glass doors to the patio that would be blocked, and I don't want to move the tv because only one wall has outlets.
Thanks Gooddog, for your suggestion of velcroing a panel to the back to protect it- I think I'll do that; I would hate to mess up furniture I see as permanent for a rental that is definitely temporary.

Will the Wall Heater Ruin My Fabric Couch? Good Questions
3/20/13 02:45 PM

What I did with the Expedit, which I actually haven't seen before is create a really functional cash wrap station for my small retail store. Pictures can be seen at Facebook.com/IHeartHandmadeVentura

The World's Most Popular Bookcase:
Best Uses of the IKEA Expedit

1/21/13 02:53 PM

I think I'm in love with this home. Great job!

Marsi & Robert's Bright and Tidy
Southern Ranch House Tour

8/9/12 05:15 AM

I definitely agree with the previous poster about keeping the higher quality table and using modern chairs.
I also had a Docksta table when my boyfriend first moved in. I had always been really careful with it, but shortly after he moved in his shoes very quickly started marking up the stupid porous base to the point that magic erasers could no longer help much. And the key scratches on the tabletop, they seriously drove me crazy. Luckily our relationship survived all this, but the table didn't.
On a budget we replaced it with a mid century walnut table that was only $100 on Craigslist (cheaper than the Ikea one), and five years later it looks as good as the day we brought it home. I don't know how many Dockstas I would have had to replace in that amount of time, but we probably would have ended up spending as much as a real Saarinen costs. White particle board is better suited to the single life.

Quality or Style: When Compromise is Necessary, Which One Wins?
7/2/12 08:34 PM

As someone who makes and sells all natural bar soap www.ElixirSoap.etsy.com, I have to completely disagree with "banning the bar", Provided it is organic, bar soap is better for the environment, has less packaging waste, has WAY fewer chemicals than liquid, and, contrary to the previous statement, is just as easy to clean up.

Small Changes, Serious Impact
6/28/12 07:36 PM

That nursery makes me so happy! I love the modern dollhouse. This one should definitely be a full tour.

Alexandra's North End Creativity House Call
6/24/12 08:45 PM

I really like the light fixtures, especially over the dining table, and the hairpin leg coffee table is awesome (as well as perfectly sized for the space). I wonder just how many of the snarky anti-chevron commentators were the first to jump on that trend two years ago, and the first to dump it as soon as it became too mainstream for their trendier than thou sensibilities... I don't know any single guys with that many throw pillows though, it kind of reminds me of Toms apartment on Parks and Recreation.

Jared's Graphic-Organic "Male Model" House Tour
6/24/12 08:43 PM

Personally, I cringe just a little every time I see a mason jar lamp, or terrarium. Yes, through the wonders of Pinterest we all know that there are a million mason-centric crafts waiting to be made, but for me the whole rustic simple appeal is kind of lost when you know someone spent an evening googling "wholesale mason jars cheap"...

That being said, I am a repeat offender for quite a few of the previous posters pet peeves, including the color coded books (I know where they all are), books with objects on top (nope, not easy to get to, I hope I don't have an emergency requiring quick access to the Proust) and the ubiquitous Chevron rug, which I actually just replaced with an identical one, suspecting the trend had run its course but refusing to give up the pattern, because I actually still like it.

Bottom line, to each his own; unless you have an "always kiss me goodnight" sign above the bed, in which case we just can't be friends.

What's Your Design Pet Peeve?
6/22/12 05:51 AM

While I love an Eames lounge as much as the next girl, I really enjoy when Apartment Therapy features homes that look real, interesting,and lived in; where not all the furniture come from Design Within Reach. What a perfect example of an utterly modern but completely personal home. That pink animal cookie art would be AMAZING in a nursery, does anyone know the artist?

Keith & Fran's Arty Geodesic Dome Home House Tour
3/30/12 05:24 AM