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Love the living area and the bathroom! Nice work!

Scott's Modern Zones Small Cool Contest
4/20/12 06:57 AM

I'm really excited that to learn that the IKEA Brada laptop support works as an elevator for a desk space too - I tend to get back problems if I use my laptop at a desk, but this looks good and would be cheap too. Obelizabeth - the set up doesn't look that bad to me... is it because the table is too high to be a desk and the chair too low?

Liv's Crafty Colorful Office Tech Tour
2/28/12 06:15 AM

I've got a kitchenette - we shop little and often, and try to wash and dry dishes quickly instead of leaving them on the countertop or kitchen table where they take up precious space. For cupboard space, I bought these great shelf dividers from IKEA that allow you to break a tall shelf space in half. I can't find remember what they're called though!

Cooking in a 5'x7' Kitchen
Small Kitchen Inspiration

2/24/12 02:29 PM

I recently bought a Nikon D3100 which I'm really pleased with. I'm a complete beginner and this is definitely an entry-level SLR - it has a really helpful 'guide' mode which takes you away from auto mode but still offers just the right amount of hand-holding. I was so unsure of my skills I didn't even know if I'd stick with photography as a hobby, but I figure if I get REALLY into it and feel limited with the D3100 I can always sell it and buy a more advanced version.

On Purchasing a New Camera Super Photo Magic School
2/24/12 12:30 PM

I'm a tea hoarder, so I have all sorts of half-empty boxes in my cupboard. The ones I actually refresh are regular black tea (Tetleys) and lemon and ginger (Twinings), which I drink every morning. I did, however, recently buy some liquorice and mint tea from the British brand teapigs, which I LOVE. Strangely it doesn't really taste of either ingredient, it actually tastes more like caramel.

What Do You Keep in Your Tea Stash?

2/24/12 12:17 PM

I really like it both ways - the light and bright is more my style, but the more I look at the after photo, the more I really love the wood too!

DIY Idea: Reclaimed Wood Wall Treatment

2/24/12 12:03 PM

This is interesting - it's not quite my style but I do love the staircase and landing. I've also seen shipping containers used as student housing on this IKEA post: http://www.ikeafamilylive.com/en/home-story/living-in-a-box-24.

8 Shipping Containers Equal 1 Family Home Designboom
2/23/12 04:35 PM

I only have south-facing windows, so I'm pretty much lumbered with direct light. However, if the light is filtered through plain net curtains, would that create the desired effect?

How To: Instantly Improve Your Photos
2/23/12 09:40 AM

Love that mirror. Bit worried it's going to fall over though.

Before & After: A Beige Bedroom Makeover
2/22/12 04:09 PM

I agree, I don't think it looks good in this setting, but I would like to see it in action in a real bathroom. I could just about see it working in a tiny apartment where space is an issue...

Spotted: Utility Sink with Built-In Storage
2/21/12 09:28 AM

The baked apple dumplings look seriously delicious - I'm definitely keen to give it a go with the ready-made shortcrust pastry option.

Happy President's Day! 20 Classic American Recipes To Celebrate
2/20/12 10:37 AM