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I feel that you are in a class by yourself, and thus should not be competing with these other folk that are trying their best to decorate already built spaces. This is obviously a built to spec, expensive 'Tiny House. Just my opinion.

Brian's Off the Grid Home Small Cool Contest
5/29/14 03:27 PM

Perfection itself.

Erin's Well Considered Home Small Cool Contest
5/19/14 04:52 PM

i have a husky/lab mix. this works very well, but i can use the Furminator on him until my arm gets sore, and still the fur keeps coming off him. it just never stops. the only thing that keeps him from shedding in the house is shaving him, even if i furminate him every day.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Is The Furminator Worth It?
7/27/08 08:29 PM

i love the green, and the bathroom...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest #34: James and Emily's Vintage Modern Studio
4/25/08 05:12 PM

Utterly fabulous!!! to be able to pull off this style in such a small space is a skill not many people possess.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest #25: Greg's Tiny French Chateau
4/23/08 06:54 AM

this is a "bachelor pad", as such it is super cool.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest #20: Rob's Loft
4/21/08 12:15 PM