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I totally agree that the term "budget" was misused here. Anyone (I'm including myself here) on a budget cannot afford anything on the "budget" list with the exception of the IKEA items. However, I get the content. @KeepinitReal13, there have always been heated debates about knock offs:

And I can understand why AT did not want to delve into that territory. Anyone who appreciates and loves good design knows there are always knock offs that can be purchased at a much lesser price. I think the real point of this article was that you can still get the "feel" of that designer piece you love without paying an arm and a leg AND without feeling guilty about it. That is of course...if it's in your "budget"!

High and Low: The New Classics, Budget Edition
11/5/13 03:33 PM

Rubber bands don't work! Once the paint dries, you'll take off the rubber bands and the paint will peel off right along with it. The only way this can be avoided is removing the bands a few minutes after you spray. But it's EXTREMELY hard to do without smudging the paint. Avoid, go with twine!

Vase Refresh with Just 2 Basic Supplies 52 Projects
3/21/12 03:05 PM