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Sweet! I am making a quick chicken dish tomorrow that goes great with baked potatoes. Now I won't have to wait for them to get done.

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2/21/12 02:50 PM

Great idea. I can't cook without my fresh herbs. I am lucky to live in a climate where they can grow outside year round. Just getting ready to put in my new crop of basil so I have plenty of pesto. Yum.

Tiered Galvanized Herb Garden
The Vintage Wren

2/21/12 02:48 PM

If I had to get it down to five it would be; crushed tomatoes, pasta, shredded cheese, onions, potatoes.

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2/17/12 11:07 AM

This is so great. I just posted my "essential pantry" on my blog. I will pass this on to my readers. It makes a great companion. So glad I found this.

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2/15/12 08:04 PM