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The living/sleeping area in my studio is about 272 sq. ft. Kitchen, dining, closet, and bathroom are separate.

The idea is to open your mind from conventional furniture placement and forget that there are no walls.
Use bookcases and curtains for walls.

My bed is placed sideways against the wall, has a book case on one end and curtain on the other side. I crawl into my bed each night, covered on three sides, it's like a cozy cave. I have a queen sized bed and also a full sized couch, still with enough room to do yoga and not move anything around!

I am lazy and don't like making my bed as it is. Imagine having to fold, unfold, take sheets off, put them on, ew. Stick to a bed. It's all about creative placement.

Use lots and lots of wall space -- shelves, storage, tv mount, as much stuff as you can (tastefully) use the height of the room for.

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2/16/12 10:05 AM

Love, love, LOVE this! I have an antique-ish couch that I just purchased. It is upholstered with tweed. Can I do this with tweed fabric? Thanks!

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2/15/12 01:32 PM