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The Poang pictured is not the swivel one... and the swivel one is not nearly as comfortable as the standard one!

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2/28/12 09:10 PM

Looks like a pretty decent apartment (people's investment properties can get preeeettty cheap) so I'd assume the landlord has a little bit of money. You could ask your real estate agent what the best approach might be, but real estate agents are generally evil towards tenants - they're paid by the landlords and don't seem to care about trying to make both sides happy. If you know the landlord directly then you've probably got a better chance. Painting the walls yourself would probably go down okay, as has been suggested, anything more major than that perhaps you could split with the landlord?

nwerikamp - New Zealand is not Australia, just FYI ;) They're not even on the same continent!

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Good Questions

2/14/12 05:43 PM