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I swear by command hooks. They make a variety of solutions and I've moved multiple times and can attest that they come off super clean each time.

For around $100, you can typically by a large indoor/outdoor rug at Home Depot or Lowes to cover up the floor. It might not be the most plush option, but is a somewhat inexpensive option to get rid of the greige.

I have the same renter standard beige walls, and our navy couch looks great in contrast with it. The color is neutral enough though that you should be able to do what you want with it. And the most important design choice, I think, is to make sure you pick stuff you love, and not get hung up on the wall colors. The stuff you buy now will follow you to your next home, which will hopefully have more customization than the current one, so better to spend money on the stuff you'll want to keep later rather than buy all new decor in the next place.

How Do I Decorate Greige/Yellow Graduate Housing? Good Questions
6/26/14 06:23 PM

I'm sure that they must've considered the safety aspect. It's likely that the area they're in may not be of high concern for break ins. In my own neighborhood, it is the standard to use front doors with large windows as well, which I can see your point that it could probably be easily bashed in, but historically that's not an issue. Most break ins in the town I live in happen because somebody left a window cracked.

Besides, what's the difference between having the french doors in the back versus the front if it's just as easy to access the back porch it used to open up to?

Before & After: A DIY Project-Packed Split Entry Makeover
5/25/14 04:34 PM

An idea for the curtain rod, maybe you could take it down and store it somewhere inconspicuous and replace it with one you like for the time being, depending how long you're planning to stay. I can't tell from the pictures how it's held up, but it may just be possible to use the same fixtures. Or alternatively possibly wrapping it in something like a wrapping paper.

Then provided you don't live in a cookie cutter flat you could always talk to the landlord for permission to spray paint or replacing the curtain rod in the interest of updating the flat.

Before & After: A Year-Long Living Room Transformation
3/8/14 05:31 PM

Have you ever looked into a Caboodles case? I think it's a slightly more attractive take on the tackle box suggestion:

My sister has a large one where she keeps her less used make-up and it's held up great over the years. I haven't taken a good look at it in a while, so I'm not sure how well a typical nail polish bottle would fit, but it's an idea.

Ideas for Storing Nail Polish? Good Questions
2/21/14 04:12 PM

I'm not sure how accessible this is for you, but the IKEA Expedit shelving unit could work well: The nature of the shelves means you could turn it on its side. I'm not sure of the dimensions of that space though, so that might be helpful in finding ideas. If you are or have any handy friends, your best option may be building something specifically for that spot. From experience, it is painfully hard to find a thinner bookshelf to fit a narrow entryway.

Best Long, Low Bookshelf for Entry Corridor? Good Questions
11/13/13 08:12 AM

Actually, the article is incorrectly representing the ruling. The ruling was specifically for this situation, where there was an occupant who was present in the apartment while the boarder was there. It ruled that it was legal for them to rent the room to a boarder because the permanent occupant was there, under NYC hotel regulations. So if you have a couch or a spare bedroom, go ahead and rent it out, so long as you're going to be there at the same time. But don't try to rent your apartment out while you're out of town, as that still violates the regulations.

Ruling: Airbnb Does Not Violate NYC's Hotel Law Design News 09.30.13
9/30/13 01:23 PM

If these were the only options, I would chose option 2 if building codes allow. Your brother would have his privacy, and the family would still have natural light in the lounge area. Option 1 will completely eliminate any natural light in the lounge. If you do go with option 3, I would strongly suggest getting rid of that hanging bar, as it no longer serves a purpose (it seems the area you are suggesting for option 1 is meant to be a dining area, hence the bar is probably used to facilitate handing food to that area).

If you are willing to get rid of all natural light in the lounge area, you could block in that bar, and put a single wall up to give him all of that corner, however then you would have to travel through his room to go to the balcony. That should take in consideration how much time you spend there.

I do like people's idea to move the kitchen. If possible (I don't know how your appliances and piping are there) you could move the kitchen to the area outside the window (that might make relocating piping and wiring easier), close in the room, and turn that into the bedroom. This is the option I personally like the most, if its possible, as it makes sure all of the rooms do have a source of natural light, the balcony door remains in a common area, and it also takes the least space away from that living area.

If the smaller bedroom would allow enough space for your parents, you could also attempt to split the bigger bedroom into two rooms.

Suggestions for Location of Third Bedroom in Small Apartment? Good Questions
11/1/12 01:09 PM

I highly suggest the iPad for the older, less tech-savvy generation, and particularly those who can't get a hang of a smartphone. I bought my dad an iPad 2 last year, and he has completely replaced his laptop as his primary computer. My dad's not too tech-savvy, so he's uncomfortable doing much on the computer because he's afraid to mess something up. He's always used the computer mainly just for email, skype and internet, and the iPad interface allows for fairly intuitive use for both. His favorite feature is how simple it is to zoom into the screen to a size he's comfortable with. With the front facing camera, Skype is also very convenient; he prefers it to his laptop.

From experience, I would suggest paying the extra money and springing for a 3g capable iPad. Even if you're not immediately thinking you need the 3g, it's nice to have. You can subscribe on a month-to-month basis, and it's a fairly convenient tool to pack on a short trip if all you're looking for is easy access to internet, email, maps, etc in lieu of a bulkier laptop.

Reader Survey: How Often Do You Use Your iPad?
2/14/12 12:14 PM