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"I'm sorry?" is not a question. Or is it a question?

Noisy Kids? How To Keep The Peace With Your Next-Door Neighbors
7/23/14 05:02 PM


And Now for Something Completely Different: 10 Standout Kitchens
7/23/14 03:12 PM

terihens - it's a backlash to unprofessional writing and melodramatic headlines. It's not your neighbor sharing her new living room (to which I would absolutely 100% of the time agree - if you don't have anything nice to say....). But for these posts someone is getting paid. Yes - I know - it's "just" décor, design, etc. but the complaint isn't about design. It's about the decline of professionalism and quality in writing. What people are pointing out is that the WRITIER is being goofy, or asinine as you may prefer.

The Home Tech Upgrade You Didn't Know You Can't Live Without Décorview
7/21/14 03:38 PM

Painting over doors in a rental is bad form - unless the door is already painted. Chalkboard paint on a door that doesn't belong to you? Wow - people really take liberty with someone else's property.

5 DIY Ways to Upgrade Rental Closet Doors Renters Solutions
7/18/14 10:51 AM

I wish that journalists would stop using such ridiculous headlines (that by the way completely omitted the "for your heart" part), and then lob crappy studies at us just to have something to put on the website. We have enough to worry about thank you.

Is Eating Eggs Really As Bad As Smoking?
7/16/14 01:52 PM

Soooo many colors look great with this warm neutral - citron, navy, coral - just find a rug that you really like that looks good with this. Those are your 2 most expensive things to work around. And then coordinate everything else - curtains, side chair, pillow to the rug/sofa combo. Use the grey as a neutral - feel free to let it just become the background. Leather armchairs would be nice if that's your thing. But it could be a lot of things. Think more about the shapes of furniture pieces - do they feel good together?

How To Coordinate with Gorgeous New Slate Blue Sofa? Good Questions
7/16/14 11:38 AM

If you didn't know you couldn't live without it..... see where I'm going here?

The Home Tech Upgrade You Didn't Know You Can't Live Without Décorview
7/16/14 11:31 AM

Yes - the first picture is obviously NOT a chair rail as it falls well above chair height. Rails were used for lots of different things and lo and behold, they have different names. Come on people. I know you are pumping these things out at the speed of light but you still have a commitment to quality. If you are going to assert the "real reason" for chair rails (I guess other than the obvious real reason???), then it would be interesting and satisfying to see the source of information.

The Chair Rail: What It Is and How To Make the Most of It Design Dictionary
7/16/14 11:29 AM

Just a note on tuna - which many have come to equate as very healthy. For young kids it's not recommended to have albacore more than once a month (yes, MONTH) because of mercury levels. Light tuna is slightly safer. I advise my kids to just say no thank you at school. It's so handy but hardly worth the worry. I do so love tuna but mercury is serious stuff.

When I Eat Healthy, It's Because I Prepped These 5 Foods in Advance
7/14/14 01:57 PM

Buying an electrical appliance? Then you have a right to know if it works. Period.

5 Things Not to Say (or Do) at the Flea Market
7/14/14 11:55 AM

In this case "biggest indulgence" may really not be necessary. The entire place is spectacular and definitely not budget conscious.

Abigail Ahern's Dark and Dramatic East London Home House Tour
7/11/14 04:27 PM

What!? I love my top sheet. What I don't then need is a blanket.

Don't Fall for It: 5 Things You Really DON'T Need At Home
7/11/14 11:11 AM

Wow that's a lot of passion. It's really not a big deal to protect a table. We have a lovely vintage wood table in our dining room. We also have a 5 year old. Spills happen nearly every day. The pads and tablecloth and/or placemats go on most of the time. They all come off when I want to see the beautiful table. I tried it without any protection thinking as you did, but somehow reality didn't match my wishes. I don't want to look at Formica just because I have a kid. I can wait it out a couple years and then enjoy my table for decades.

What's Better: Vinyl or Cloth Placemats? Good Questions
7/10/14 03:25 PM

Vinyl is so bad for the environment (well for all the things trying to live in it anyway). I say, don't even consider vinyl and move on to all the other lovely aforementioned options. I love the option San serif has offered.

What's Better: Vinyl or Cloth Placemats? Good Questions
7/10/14 03:19 PM

People sleep on the train ride home in NYC all the time. Different cultures - different norms. I would think it would be a little difficult to get to the merchandise though.

Swede Dreams: Snoozing at IKEA
7/10/14 10:03 AM

Yes - it sounds just as silly this way.
Perhaps design wise it might matter that they live alone. Perhaps not.

Singular Style: Inspirational House Tours from Men Living on Their Own
7/8/14 01:37 PM

Agree with KrisTor - sand - gently and carefully.

How To Minimize Appearance of Paint Line Buildup? Good Questions
7/7/14 04:39 PM

This is a fairly recent repeat.

Beatrice & Ramsey's Cultured Echo Park Casa House Tour
6/27/14 04:58 PM

If only she'd add a little color and pattern....


Adorable place. This is the flat where cuteness ensued.

Tamasyn's Eclectic Mid-Century Flat House Tour
6/26/14 12:34 PM

Ok - I am going to be picky. I'm pretty sure this falls under décor - rather than art. It COULD be art, depending on your motivation and whatever you are investigating or commenting on - but just creating a block of color on the wall to function solely as a decorative item is décor. There, I'm done. Off soapbox now.

Small Project Saturday: Easy Abstract Art Glidden® paint
6/26/14 10:20 AM