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Go with non-traditional wedding food. Why go with a catering company that's probably only mediocre when you could get catering from your favorite restaurants? We got food from our favorite banh mi place and our favorite Thai place, and cake from a Cuban baker who makes wonder tres leche cake and a local place that makes crepe cakes. It was all so much cheaper than even the basic catering options, and everyone loved it.

8 Ways to Spend Less for a Wedding
5/30/14 11:10 AM

This may be perfect for my new apartment! Great Ikea hack.

Work Spaces for Small Places: IKEA Expedit to DIY Standing Desk Ikea Hackers
5/22/14 10:36 AM

I'd love to know where to find the wall shelf in the 4th picture.

Marijke's Vintage Finds Small Cool Contest
5/21/14 04:14 PM

Take Bay Street Biergarten off that list and add Edmund's Oast instead! It's a much better beer garden in Charleston--better seating, not as loud, less frat guys, great good, and a fabulous, consistent beer selection.

Five Lists I Always Keep in My Phone
5/19/14 01:26 PM

The problem with many of these is that they are covered. Many cats do not like that, and won't use covered boxes. I got my cat as a kitten, and she refused to ever go in a covered litter box. We just clean ours out twice a day, and it's not too bad. Good for you if your cat will use one of these fancy boxes, but be aware that if you get one and your cat starts using the bathroom other places, it's not really your cat's fault.

10 Ideas for Disguising or Hiding a Litter Box Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/7/14 04:02 PM

What sort of pan was the recipe in the photo made in? The directions make it sound like it will fit in a normal 10in cheesecake pan or pie tin. If you want to make one that looks like the photo, do you have to increase the amounts at all?

Recipe: No-Bake Fat Elvis Peanut Butter, Pretzel & Banana Pie Recipes from The Kitchn
5/15/13 04:36 PM

This might not be legal:

In addition, the time it would take doesn't really even out with the money you'd spend to buy an ebook. I agree with the commenter who suggested selling your physical books and putting the cash toward ebooks.

Tips For Digitizing Personal Library? Good Questions
5/11/12 10:35 AM

I agree with the post. I hate voicemail in general. I use it in job/work situations--I leave messages with businesses, businesses call me and ask for interviews, etc. Though really most of that is done through email these days. But with friends and family--just text me. I hate getting voicemail that just says "call me." I also check my voicemail very rarely, whereas I check texts instantly. So if someone really wants a response or it's urgent, just text. I don't return unknown numbers that don't leave messages, but if my dad calls I'll always call back.

When Not to Leave a Voicemail
2/14/12 12:42 PM

My fiance used my pinterest (and etsy wishlist) to decide on a present for my birthday. I have used it to find presents for friends. It's not only about specific items, but about seeing generally someone's style--this person loves the color blue, that person loves modern looking jewelry, etc. I'm not at all offended by the gendered language of the post, and I'm a women's studies, 3rd wave feminst, trans-person dating female. Be calm people.

Pinterest: The Clueless Boyfriend's Valentine's Day Lifesaver
2/12/12 12:20 AM