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Xarcady - just what i was thinking!

Long Live the Punk Painters! Comment of the Day
3/14/14 11:23 AM

ah this isn't so bad. i love the thinner outer edges, just hoping the rounded edges aren't TOO round :)

IKEA Responds: Expedit Versus Kallax Design News
2/21/14 02:13 PM


Before & After: Office Cabinet is All Business Up Front, Then Party in the Back
2/20/14 04:38 PM

oh wow!

How To Decorate Like a Parisian
2/18/14 03:25 PM

Love this! Why couldn't he have done in in his home country!! :( lol

Banksy Sold Art in Central Park This Weekend Design News 10.14.13
10/14/13 05:28 PM

I could be wrong... But in picture number 4... Isn't the white unit to the right one of ikea's 'besta' units??

Take the Quiz: Spot the IKEA!
10/9/13 05:24 PM

My favourite post in ages!!!!

Under My Thumb's Homey Tattoo Studio Creative Workspace Tour
10/8/13 04:14 PM

Soup poster... Where can I get it please? :)

deRaismes Bookshelf Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/15/13 11:45 AM

The itrip is a bit expensive. You can get similar ones online, I got mine for about £2.50

Helpful Tech for Your Daily Commute
3/10/13 03:45 PM

Where are those arm rest tables from!!!? WANT

Josh & Rae's Well Curated Home House Tour
1/30/13 05:07 PM

Some of it is pointless. By the time you've loaded the app, found the option to "open curtains", you could have done it yourself. Some of it is cool. But some just lazy and pointless. It would be useful for people with disabilities though.

Here's What $80,000 in Home Tech Automation Looks Like
11/26/12 02:59 PM

Isn't available for UK :(

The Free App That Changed My Life...and Helped Me to Lose 20 Pounds
11/14/12 09:56 AM

You should have featured this, my absolute favourite... http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/cuttingedgeframes/product/personalised-family-tree-paper-cut-large

Not on the High Street:
Where Everything Has a Story Store Profile

11/13/12 04:57 PM

Wow, I was actually searching for fireplace tools this morning! These are kind of standard tools though and a bit samey... The comment by jess13 has some nice ones though :)

Best Fireplace Tools Under $100 Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide
11/2/12 01:09 PM

Love the home. Very well done. Where is that sofa from?

Jackie's "Rustic Surf" Room Room for Color Contest
10/24/12 11:34 AM

The tv mirror is way overpriced though

Vanishing Fixtures, Furniture is Minimalism to the Max Design News 09.13.12
9/13/12 04:58 PM

Oh nice!

Control 4 - Hc-300c Home Controller
9/10/12 10:27 AM

I must see these. Nice excuse to visit new York!!! :)

Frank Lloyd Wright Archives Move to New York Design News 09.04.12
9/4/12 10:49 AM

Love this

An Animated History of LEGO
8/30/12 04:27 PM


Design Star Antonio Ballatore's Downtown Loft
House Tour

8/4/12 05:00 AM