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Seems a lot of pepper going to waste. Course I watched video without sound so not sure what she was saying. But she did push the innards off with the ends. Cooking shows seem to promote waste. They never scrape out the bowls or pans, always leave so much behind. None of that vegetable waste should be going in the garbage, should go to compost or a worm bin.

Must-Watch Bell Pepper Prep Tips! LA Times
10/5/12 03:23 PM

Frozen peas...I can and freeze other vegetables but store bought peas are great. Yeast...we buy 2 pounds at a time and I keep an easy to use jar in fridge. Frozen fruit...I freeze enough blueberries and tart cherries and peaches to make a pie or cobbler or crisp of each every month. Extra butter...salted and unsalted...there is no substitute. The gel-filled insert for our ice cream maker to make ice cream or frozen yogurt. Frozen raspberries...I like them just to eat, frozen, and to sprinkle in a bowl of cereal. They make the ice all frosty. Freezer raspberry jam...like eating fresh raspberries.

What Are Your Top 5 Freezer Essentials?
9/28/12 04:47 PM

I like salads when hot...we usually have a big vegetable salad every day and especially big in summer when our garden is busy. As I am making that I just fill another serving size bowl for me and set that aside in fridge. Next morning I add tomato, feta, olives, eggs, what ever juicy things I don't put in salad ahead of time. Sometimes some tuna. un-bacon bits, sunflower seeds, chow mein noodles, all are good. I have bottles of dressing in the work refrigerator.

When the weather is cool I start making soup so I will bring in a couple quart containers of chili or minestrone or lentil etc and we have dishes in the lunchroom so any one wants a bowl can just heat in the microwave. We also always have bagels, crackers, peanut butter and jams, cream cheese, mustard and mayo etc. stocked in the fridge. We run a small business and employees can help themselves to what they want. Nice on days when we are extra busy.

For Tomorrow's Lunch: 10 Grain & Legume Basics to Cook Tonight
9/21/12 10:53 AM

We make the big lefse with the 17" griddle so we cut them like a pie and then fill and roll up from the outer edge in, some with butter, some butter and sugar, some butter and jam.

My married daughter has taken over the lefse making, I do the prep and have everything ready, she now rolls and grills. We cool ours between about 5 layers of towels, 1 layer is terry cloth, the other glass towels (tea towels?) There is also a layer of foil in there too. They cool and steam at the same time and stay completely separate. Then I fold in quarters and put in ziplock bags. Freezer bags, if I plan on freezing.

Flatbread Recipe: Norwegian Potato Lefse Recipes from The Kitchn
8/14/12 08:16 PM

I like to make a couple pies, for sure. Also have some ice cream in the freezer and some chocolate sauce. I always have a plate of cut up vegetables with a ranch dip or hummus that can be set out while people are waiting for dinner.

If summer I usually make a pitcher of fresh lemonade or limeade, but I also have other drinks. I myself don't like juice/sweetened drinks so we have a variety of sodas, regular or diet, and sparkling water and also plain water chilled. Also make sure the ice cubes in your freezer are fresh. Dump out all the old ones (running them down the garbage disposal is good for the blades) and let the ice maker make all new cubes. Nothing is nastier than that freezer taste on ice cubes.

If winter I sometimes have the crock pot full of hot cider and I keep the container of tea bags, herbal, caffeine and decaffeinated near the stove with the sugar, lemon drops etc. Also I show them how the stove, micro work so they know they can help themselves and make a cuppa anytime they want.

What to Feed Houseguests: A Few Tips and 10 Stress-Free Recipes
7/24/12 02:47 PM

We us a non-stick pan and then sprinkle on seasonings that we feel like...have used combos of peanut oil, or canola or brown sugar or molasses or bbq sauce or worchestershire or honey or garlic powder or 5 spice powder or Old Bay Seasoning or Emeril seasoning. About 1/2 1/2 oil and liquid seasonings, the dry spices to taste. I press the slices first, well, then flip them over and over in the marinade until all absorbed. I mix the marinade right on the pan. Bake at 400 for about 15-20 min to get crisp and carmelized.

The Simple No-Fail Way to Make Delicious Tofu Every Time
6/7/12 04:26 PM

Ha, the recipes look good but the Ron Swanson I saw last night (rerun) ate 3 porterhouse steaks and then wanted to go get bacon and egg omelets for dessert. He would look at you under his lowered eyebrows, say excuse me I'll be right back and then you would hear him drive away in his car.

5 Vegetarian Meals To Satisfy Even Mr. Ron Swanson
5/18/12 10:46 AM

Well, round here, most of the time the beverages are pointed to by the host/hostess or their kids ....juice and water in the red cooler, sodas in the blue cooler, and the keg is over there. You help yourself. This is the typical picnic, bbq-type gathering that goes on here almost year round...suitable for HS graduation, baptism, 75th wedding anniversary, informal weddings, Packer parties, indoors, outdoors etc etc. I guess the idea is just to have a variety of choices, easily obtainable so a non drinker doesn't feel like they are putting anyone out.

No, I'm Not a Wine Drinker: 3 Social Tips from a Teetotaler
4/24/12 06:17 PM

I just don't drink because 1) I would rather spend the extra calories on the party food and have a diet soda or selzer and 2) alcohol makes me very warm and flushed and I don't like the feeling, and that is just with a sip or two. Possibly I have an allergy to something in the alcoholic beverage. I don't bother with NA wines but at home I like to have NA beer as some things just taste so good with beer.

No one NO ONE have ever given me a problem or tried to force me to drink something I didn't want. Maybe I just hang with a different crowd.

No, I'm Not a Wine Drinker: 3 Social Tips from a Teetotaler
4/24/12 02:46 PM

I agree with Votapa, not a helpful list.

I agree with Joco, better to know techniques than a few canned recipes. Then you can really make it your own. Also you know how to tweak and substitute when don't have particular items.

12 Recipes to Know By Heart
2/9/12 06:52 PM