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(great list by the way! thanks~) i have a few boyfriend and i usually rent, our last 2 landlords have been really great. but we have only rented so far in san francisco. this will be our first house rental in the LA area.
we found a nice house that has 1BD downstairs, and the attic was converted to two small bedrooms side by side, with surrounding windows all the way around. she wants 1600, its in highland park across from a busy high school. there is no central air or heat, or ceiling fans or wall units. but its a nice little community with a small yard (around 10X30 feet). tis is the landlords first time buying a house and renting it out, so i know theres going to be a few surprises for her and a learning process.

so far, the landlords states that the carpets can be pulled out(as its pretty dirty and old) but says that there is some 'issue' involved with the previous tenants, leading to not wanting to pull out the carpets and put in pergo flooring. there is also a very steep staircase that goes up to the 2 upstairs rooms, which landlord 'doesnt watn to spend the extra money' putting in rails, as she said it needs them badly and that we can sign a release that we wont sue them if we fall....hmmph. landlord is putting in used appliances(stove, fridge, washer dryer) yet that stuff usually comes with the house anyways(all the ones we've rented so far).

landlord also says we can get a discount onthe rent if we sign a 2 year lease and paint the inside how we like and put up fencing around the property. sounds like a good deal right? Yet how aggressive should I be with my concerns? landlord will give it to us for about 1300 if we sign that contract and fix it up. i dunno, what do you think? also, landlord lives in the house behind ours on the same lot. but is letting us make our lot super private. thanks for your timeee

10 Questions To Ask Before You Sign A Lease
2/9/12 01:27 PM