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Thank you for posting this! It must be a sign from above because I was just telling me husband we should do this last night but thought it might be too much work (Ms. Roberts makes it sound easy!)

We have a 2 1/2 yr old who can climb her safety gates, specifically the one leading in/out of her room. Yes, she does have a door on her room but honestly, I don't trust her in the room with the door shut. She's feisty and loves to tear books, throw clothes from her dresser drawers,etc when she's mad :o/

A half door would allow us to control the height of the door to she can't climb it but still allow us to see inside her room as needed and look much, much better then the the two safety gates we have stacked on top of one another now. Not to mention we wouldn't have to literally crawl into her room to avoid taking the top gate off every time!
Can't wait to try this!

Alternative to Baby Gates: Half Doors
Kelly Rae Roberts

2/8/12 09:25 PM