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I have found pine nuts much less expensively at an Asian supermarket. They were maybe not as plump as the expensive ones, but still very good.

Mighty Tasty, Mighty Expensive: Pine Nuts Ingredient Spotlight
8/15/12 08:44 AM

Turkish seasoning from Penzey's.

What Is the One Spice You Just Can't Live Without?
4/30/12 09:33 PM

I would like to read about using leftovers. We love leftovers, but sometimes it would be nice to be inspired to do something different with them.

Got a Question for Reader Request Week? Tell Us What You'd Like Us To Blog About!
4/30/12 09:30 PM

I have had the IKEA 'Lagan' for several years and it's very good. It has warped a little, so I put a non slip pad underneath it. Flip it over regularly and use both sides. It's a great alternative to having a butcherblock countertop.

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Product & Shopping Questions

2/28/12 09:55 AM

A magazine, because it stays open easier than a book. It's also easier to look at pictures than read a book while eating, since one has to glance back at the plate so often.

Cooking for One: Eating Alone
2/8/12 03:10 PM