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As Amandica has pointed out, Bird's Custard Powder is a popular British brand of custard powder, but other brands can also be used in this recipe. I have included in my post an alternative to using custard powder, so hopefully this will help if you can't find custard powder where you are.

Thai Tea Cake & Peanut Butter & Jelly BarsDelicious Links
3/29/12 04:33 PM

I have to agree that Thomas Keller's recipe for Roast Chicken from Bouchon is hard to beat - once you've tasted a roast chicken that has been brined, it's hard to roast a chook any other way.

But thank you for taking notice of my post of Rachel Allen's Thai Sticky Chicken. It's been one of my favourite stand-by meals for during the week, and given that I always make sure to have ingredients like lemongrass and cilantro on hand, it's always quick and easy to make, plus it tastes fab :-)

Sunday Dinner: 7 Takes on Roast Chicken
2/7/12 05:07 PM