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I found it by googling "retro geometric wallpaper":

Graham & Brown Trippy Orange Wallpaper

Comes in three other colors. I love the purple!

Source of Wallpaper Spotted on TV?
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2/22/12 05:00 PM

I see spiral stairs as a major safety issue. My brother-in-law has them in his loft, and more than one person has come close to pitching over the side. I think kids would see it as a neato jungle gym to play on.

IMO, it'd be preferable to have the typical attic folding ladder to a bonus space - it's a safer climb and you can be in control of when they're extended or retracted.

Attic Access Through Master Bedroom?
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2/9/12 09:24 AM

This is the sofa we chose after a very similar argument. My husband is still pulling for an overstuffed recliner ... blech.

Anyway, we've had it for three years and it's held up really well. We still get tons of compliments from people saying "I never knew leather could be so stylish!" and so on. The arms aren't stuffed, but they're comfortable to rest your elbow on. If your husband needs more stuffing than that, get him a throw pillow!

Help Settle Sofa War?
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2/7/12 05:28 PM

This kitchen desperately needs a backsplash! White subway tile, maybe; though this picture makes a good case for brown.

Also, I think the green walls make for one color too many in this room. Go back to white or a warm, taupey gray. And invest in some good lighting to counteract the darkness of the counters and floors.

Finally, you could also swap out the silver knobs with oil-rubbed bronze handles or cup pulls to tie them in with the floor and counters. Depending on what you choose, it may require patching the knob holes and drilling new ones in the cabinet doors and drawer fronts. But the pulls will cover the original knob holes, so as long as you're careful, they won't be visible.

What Next For This Move-in-Ready Kitchen?
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2/7/12 03:44 PM