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I have remodeled several bathrooms that previously had avocado green, brown, and pink fixtures in them. Now, I'm living with canary yellow sinks and bathtubs. When I think of colored ceramic, I think of the old rusty junk that I've removed from old places! I am desperate for plain white!

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5/17/12 12:03 PM

I love the dining room chairs! This place has a lot of potential.

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4/5/12 04:23 PM

Great ideas! I love the outdoor shower and potted tree ideas!

Maybe you could plant vertical vegetable or herb gardens on the trellises. Beans and tomatoes can climb!

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3/19/12 09:58 AM

Oh, one more thing that you could probably do on the cheap: update your under-cabinet lighting. Those LED mounts are really easy to mount and pretty cheap to buy at Home Depot!

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3/19/12 09:54 AM

I agree with some of the other posters: paint it all white and update your hardware.

A few more ideas:

1) Add a "fun" touch to it by painting the interior of your cabinets one of your favorite colors. You can also wallpaper the shelves with a coordinating pattern.

2) Hang nice wood blinds for uber cheapness. If you buy the Home Depot/Lowe's brand and have them cut them to size, it is a lot cheaper than ordering custom wood blinds.

3) Update your kitchen faucet. (The sink basin looks ok to me, but the faucet could be updated.) This is pretty easy and can be done for around $100.

4) You could probably lay a new floor inexpensively, too. A nice tile floor would probably not cost very much since the area is small.

Update For Two-Tone Cabinets in Trailer?
Good Questions

3/19/12 09:52 AM