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I love that painting (of the ocean) anyone have any idea who the artist is?? I know its a longshot that anyone would....

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5/13/09 05:21 PM

My favorite movie soundtrack would definitely be... The Graduate. Iconic.

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10/21/08 02:03 PM

The lamp is from room and board.

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9/29/08 08:01 AM

Hey All, I submitted the project... so here are some answers to your questions regarding cost.

The prints are somewhat expensize for the large size at $14 each. the majority of the cost was from the MDF mounting/coating. Each panel is basically a 5 sided box (with the back open) assembled out of .5" MDF. that means there was some signigicant cost in cutting each of the sides, assembling and then mounting the image to the front, and painting the sides black. While I could have mounted these myself to a single slab of MDF, the sides would have had that rough quality to them. Plus all the mitre work that had to be done and getting the image to mount flush with the edge required some extremely precise workmanship in getting the MDF the exact size of the print (I wanted to sacrifice as little of the image as possible due to trimming).

Though MDF is pretty resistant to warping, it can happen. Assembling each "square" as a box gives the structure rigidity and thus makes it more resistant to warping.

Finally, the hollow-box structure allows each square to me hung perflectly flat against the wall.

I was originally quoted $750 to do the MDF construction, so knowing this I'm pretty satisfied with the total cost. Though, If i had the right tools and some experience with carpentry (and a lot more free time) then I could have saved a lot of $$ and done this dirt cheap.

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9/29/08 08:00 AM

Room and Board will customize some of their pieces so it would be worthwhile contacting them first.

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9/11/08 03:40 PM

This is actually a trend from a year or two ago... I noticed this a lot in home magazines and even here on AT.

Some actual vintage flat files converted into coffee tables are available here:

and here:

and here:

and here

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8/14/08 05:48 PM

yes please

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7/10/08 05:44 PM

the picture is from my phone... so the wall color doesn't come out, its a medium grey, "stonington grey" I beleive its called.

Phauxtoe- the TV isn't quite as alter-like as it appears, as that wall is quite long and shared with the dining area... so its not quite the center of attention in the room. On the other hand, I take no shame in having a large and prominent media system... I'm a movie buff, and a tech nut, and my job is centered around created content for TV... so it reflects me.

I'll post some pictures when I can.

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4/17/08 08:50 AM

Thanks for all the comments/suggestions!

I'm actually having some built-ins constructed on an adjacent wall which will house the boats perminently... I agree its a bit much having both of them under the tv (in additon to whatever i end up mounting above the tv).

The media cabinet is a custom linear series from room and board... I didn't like the large handles that came on the Linear cabinet standard, so I ordered it without handles and put in a spare part order for the handles off one of their other lines, and attached those. worked out well, i think.

I'll let yall know how the driftwood search comes along...

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4/16/08 05:03 PM