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Question: Is there such a thing as a premium housekeeper?

Yes there is and today redefining skills is the standard foundation for specialized jobs offered. What your asking for is what I call the "Illusion Bee" and the major qualifier is a balanced personality.

1. Person who grow up doing household chores (who is not an only child) they have a trained eye and honed skills.
2. Intuitive about reading a room: the tone, items, details, good memory and order of flow.
3. Common sense: time management, personal appearance, conversation, manners, and sensitivity to others belongings.
4. Extensive task experience with fabrics, sewing, cleaning products, organizing, arranging, and quality control.
5. Education curreartwork life experience in art, smartphones, iPhoneography, interior design, social media, colors, light, scale, and current events.

It's really about finding a well rounded person whose personality is sensitive in the cleaning needs and relationships active in homes of others. Plus paying this person extremely well for a service that has been around for ages and skills that are valuable.

Believe it or not you can, do, find, and get exactly what you need by having excellent research skills and initiative.

This "key" to finding a "Premium Housekeeper" is to employ the same skills we use when we receive other great services..same rules apply...observe, analyze, evaluate and decide.

Is There Such Thing as a Premium Housekeeper?
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2/7/12 02:44 PM