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It looks like you have a wreath hanger on the door. Why not just keep a wreath over the window all year long. You can use spring/summer flowers, fall leaves, rosemary, and change out the wreath decor whenever you want. I did this in an apartment I lived in with a door like this - I bought a simple grapevine wreath and added whatever seasonal decor I wanted throughout the year. Obstructs the view and doesn't cause any damage.

Ideas For Covering Window in Door? Good Questions
9/28/12 09:39 AM

I have a bathroom about this size. We removed the towel bar and replaced it with shelves. To hang towels to dry, we put a second shower curtain rod (one of those tension rods) on the back wall of the shower. This is great for hanging handwashables, bathing suits, wet towels, etc. and they are out of sight behind the shower curtain!

Paint Color For More Inviting Bathroom? Good Questions
9/19/12 12:14 PM

I'd go with a medium gray/green for the house and a bright white or maybe a bright green trim color. My kids have converted their front yard into a series of raised vegetable garden beds - it's great. My grandchildren can just go out and pick green beans or zucchini and eat them while they are playing. Raw broccoli stalk makes a great teething "ring". Enjoy your new house!

Exterior Paint Colors with Light Gray Roof? Good Questions
7/25/12 10:10 AM

I found this through Bing......
February 26, 2010|By TERRY KOVEL Cowles Syndicate
Q: About 10 years ago, my wife and I bought four cafe-style bentwood chairs marked "Mundus, made in Poland, fabrique en Pologne." There's a patent date, "Sept. 22, '14," on the metal leg brackets. The dark finish appears to be original. We paid about $100 for all four chairs. We're curious about the chairs' maker and their value.

A: Mundus was a German conglomerate formed when Leopold Pilzer (1871-1959), an Austrian banker, consolidated 16 small chair manufacturing companies around the turn of the 20th century. It competed with Thonet and Jacob & Josef Kohn, two large chair companies that later merged with Mundus (Kohn in 1914 and Thonet in 1923). Your chairs were made before the Kohn merger, so they date from between about 1900 and 1914. If they're in excellent condition, each one could sell for a few hundred dollars.

Is This Chair For Real or a Repro? Good Questions
7/9/12 10:56 AM

I was single for 17 years and lived alone and loved it! I have been married for 10 years now and though I love my husband, I have come to the conclusion that men and women should never live together! We have a perfect set-up right now because we have a farm in the country and a townhouse. I'm still working so I stay in town. He's retired and building our new home at the farm so he's up there 3 nights a week.

Oh, how I relish those 3 nights. The first night I do nothing but watch my TV shows. The second night I clean house and maybe an extra project - last week I used my free night to shampoo the living room carpet. The 3rd night I do some kind of creative project - sometimes it's cooking a new recipe to keep for supper when he comes home, sometimes it's a painting project, or reading a book.

A duplex would be wonderful!

The Joys and Drawbacks of Living Solo
3/26/12 03:53 PM

Can't imagine paying 3.5 million for a 1 bedroom cartoon house!

Dick Clark's Rock-In Malibu Home for Sale Design News 03.02.12
3/2/12 11:38 AM

I've been there with my Mom. When she moved into her retirement apartment community, the dining room served two meals a day as part of the rent. She chose to eat her breakfast in her room. Her main need was refrigerator space to keep milk, juice, Ensure, yogurt, and fruit. I would say the LG fridge sounds perfect. She had refused to learn to use a microwave, but if your Mom will, there is a microwave with a convection oven available where she would have an oven and micro in one unit. That way she could heat soup, or microwave dinners, or bake a casserole. Because of the lack of open heating element or flame, the induction burner would be perfect.

Make her kitchen as beautiful as you can afford. One of my Mom's favorite pieces of furniture was her china cabinet and we made it part of her living area. That provided great storage for her nice dishes. Once we moved her into that apartment, we only gave her her "good" china, silver and fancy pieces to use. She should feel like a queen every day. We used her old furniture so she could feel at home - just not all of it!
We had a difficult time getting her to decide on what to use and what to give up, so my sister and I just sent her to my brother's house and we did the move and the decoration of her new space ourselves. She absolutely loved it. Every piece we chose to put in her new space was special to her.

When we had to move her again into an Assisted Living studio apartment, we downsized her furniture again, but that china cabinet went with her! The sales staff at that facility used her apartment as a show space to prospective new clients. She was very proud.

How To Modernize Senior Housing Kitchen?
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2/7/12 11:18 AM