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I'll vouch for Eric, too. I also found him on the web, and was a little suspicious given the occasional odd comment (see andrewtrucker's comment above). Plus, if you google his phone number, you'll see some other ominous comments and complaints from about five years back.

But I didn't have time during the week, nor the patience to brave the weekend crowds, so I got the Titanium package ($110 by itself, ~$120 after you pay for his tolls). It turned out to be a good gamble.

The dude is awesome (Eric). I had an crazy list, admittedly. It included a bed frame, a frickin' huge expedit bookcase/tv stand, a bunch of chairs, some kids stuff, and about twenty random knick-knacks (e.g. Rationelle cabinet accessories) which I fully expected him to say "no way" to. The funniest part was when he thought I was ordering 16 chairs and nearly turned me down (it turned out to be just one chair that happened to be called "SIXTEN" in Ikea-speak).

But he got them all, and even called me up while he was there at the store, since he wanted to make sure the exact item numbers matched what I was looking for. It was a little surprising that he was able to fit everything into his SUV, actually -- no idea how that happened.

It helped to have looked up the exact items on the site beforehand, for the location I wanted him to go to, and I checked stock beforehand (although I heard somewhere else that he does that too).

Interestingly, I thought the bed frame I wanted was out of stock, based on the web site, but Eric had the experience to tell me to give the store a call just to check -- sure enough, he was right -- they had it, and the web site was wrong.

The caveat (I guess): He showed up a little later than I expected, but it was no problem for me... and truth be told, I was glad it wasn't me burning all that time at Ikea trying to find my home furnishings and junk. But he's got a cell phone and stayed in touch to let me know when he was showing up.

Payment was all in cash -- so beware, all ye Ikea junkies who, like me, face a $600-per-day cash withdrawal limit at the ATM, yet want to buy more than $600 worth of junk at Ikea. Fortunately I'd known about this and gone to the bank a few days before to get enough on hand to pay the guy. The cash thing is just so you can go to Ikea later on yourself, if need be, to return all the junk you just bought. I tipped him too, and he was nice enough to say that I should take $5 of the tip back and give it to my doorman instead (for watching his car I suppose).

So go for it, New Yorkers. Unless you love winding through Ikea's rat maze, getting a stupid slip of paper, paying for the slip and getting another slip, waiting for another half hour for your junk, scarfing down a mediocre hot dog and an imitation cinnabon because you're so ticked-off and because they don't sell the meatballs by the check out, and then lugging your stuff onto a rental car or zipcar because you live in Manhattan and thus don't actually own a car (otherwise why would you be cheap enough to shop at Ikea), or else paying >$100 for Ikea official delivery which would've been what you would have paid Eric.

Yeah, this is a good thing.

Oh, and so you know I'm a real live person and not Eric posting a fake review of himself, you can check out my site, admitt.com (yes, a shamless plug, though probably not useful to you unless you're a doctor like me, but likely confirmation that I'm not Eric, nonetheless).

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