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for a hot moment there was a Hello Kitty Fashion Plate set about five years ago...I am still kicking myself for not picking it up! My fashion plates are now with my honorary niece. Man, I loved those things. Big Wheels too!

Flashback: 10 Toys from Childhood You Can Still Buy
2/18/14 12:13 PM

My husband used to live in a tiny studio where he lived and worked on his art. He built a murphy bed that when up had the pull down table. It was a great space saver, really easy to open and close (the bed was always made, just tucked up and out of the way). I'm wishing we still had it for our soon to be new space tiny space and now will probably build another one. I like the mirror on the back from the links above, nice light and room opening. That all written out, if you don;t think you would be up for opening and closing, etc. A day bed/sofa might be your best bet. We also lived in a space that had a "tall" twin bed with storage drawers and then a pull out mattress underneath. Like bunk beads but not...good luck!

To Murphy or Not To Murphy? Good Questions
6/13/13 10:33 AM

Lovely! I am super interested in the turtle planter but the resource link is not there.

Gifts for Scientists & Explorers Apartment Therapy Gift Guide 2012
12/13/12 02:39 PM

I am loving your tongue-in-cheek tone regarding small town living. I live in an adequate town who just last year got Target. while I am but 30 miles away from malls, I never seem to make it out of my small town where we bike, enjoy csa produce, hike, visit local artists and bemoan the lack of drive-thrus to our hearts' content. I lived in L.A. and I loved it and now I'm in SLO and I think I love it more. Hear, hear to crafting our own trends n our own little neck of the world!

10 Reasons I Love Living in a Small Town
7/3/12 08:30 PM

absolutely love this post. so sweetly written and full of memories. i am now also itching for a bowling pin mallet! thank you for sharing.

How to Make Perfect Cocktail Ice with a Pair of Jeans
5/10/12 11:02 AM

I am going to try the overnight version! we add peppercorns and allspice to ours...with a touch of honey. Mmmmm.

Recipe: Masala Chai Tea
2/2/12 12:15 PM