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Hey there- I wanted to get back with everyone's questions... sorry it took me as long as it did.

Jewelry holder: It’s over 10 years old- I originally bought it in Atlanta (where I grew up) at a store in Decatur. I am not even sure if the store is still open. The holder is wood- I just painted it to make it look a little more feminine.

Rug in bedroom: CB2

Paint colors: My landlord did all the painting so I actually don’t know what the colors are- I will see if I can find out.

Boots: Belle by Sigerson Morrison, Tab Suede Platform Booties

Living Room Pillows: some are from a store that’s now out of business, it was called SPRING. They sold all organic, natural products. Two of the pillows I had made- I bought the fabric and took them to an upholster.

Lucy: she’s a mix of who knows what. She’s 10 and we adore her. We got her when we lived in Georgia- she was a rescue. We’ve now bought a riser for her so she doesn’t have to bend down.

Chest of drawers in bedroom: Alameda flea market

Turntable: Pro-Ject RPM1.3 Turntable

Now, selfishly, since everyone's seen the space, I would love suggestions on dining room tables. We just got cushions for the dining room chairs and I think it's time to upgrade the table. Any suggestions? Thanks again for all of the great comments.


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3/25/12 05:59 PM

Hey everyone- thanks for all the comments. I will try to get responses to all of your questions this weekend (having to attend to my day job!).

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2/2/12 01:54 AM