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Yes. I love Dry Fly out of Eastern Washington, Big Gin from here in Seattle, and Counter Gin as well. But I think I just truly truly truly LOVE Gin. LOVE. Hendrick's and Boodles for my int'l winners.

Why You Should Try American Gin (And What to Look For) 9-Bottle Bar
4/28/14 02:52 AM

Someone told me when she came in our house that it smelled like "old books and coffee". And though I love the romanticism of that, the reality, not so much. I burn a lot of nice Japanese incense, notably the Morningstar brand, in addition to cleaning. I hate the fake smelling stuff.

Does My House Really Smell Like That? Five Ways to Mask the Must
1/6/14 03:39 PM

If you dropped that boat in Seattle's Lake Union for me, I'd die happy. Now I know what I'll be dreaming about!!

Chris and Kristen's Dreamy Houseboat House Tour
8/14/13 01:51 PM

I'm a natural helper type, and I always help friends move. I will say though, that the last move I did drove me NUTS because I had to pretty much pack all her stuff up because she had been up all nite with a new boy toy. Have HIM help you pack.

I chided her about it for quite a while, with a smile on my face. But I think I'm kinda done with all that moving help now. I'm hoping that no one moves for a while...

No-Fail Tips for Keeping Your Friends Happy While They Help You Move
8/5/13 03:05 PM

vov-- I work in Pike Place Market where the mugs are supposed to be, if I make it by MarketSpice, I'll see if they still carry them. They would ship it, I bet.

My Secret to a Restful Overnight Flight: Inflight Ginger Tea
6/15/13 06:44 PM

My husband, a psychologist, takes the DSM with a grain of salt. He's said that many mental health professionals think of it as a joke. This is a prime example of why.

It's Official: Caffeine Withdrawal Is a Mental Health Disorder
6/15/13 06:10 PM

Our bedroom is dark blue and dark green. And I LOVE it. It may be bright to some, but the dark wall colors really help tone down the intense morning sun that comes in at 5 am this time of year. Though I still usually use an eye mask.

Which Wall Color Gives the Best Sleep? The Daily Mail
5/22/13 03:31 PM

I haven't YET purchased an Enclume rack, but I've used them extensively in the Sur La Table kitchens here in Washington. They also construct many of the store displays for SLT. Awesome sturdy product. That whisk rack is hilarious!

Enclume: Gourmet Hanging Metal Pot Racks Made in the US Store Profile
5/6/13 02:40 PM

Can't wait to take your class Andie! Saw the flyer at Top Pot and it was a perfectly-timed moment of serendipity!

Online Class: Starting a Creative Business
5/4/13 03:56 AM

cats. not cat's.

5 Reasons You're Killing Your Indoor Plants
4/23/13 12:45 PM

You forgot a reason: the cat's treat your plants like a personal salad bar. I thought my maidenhair fern was disintegrating into thin air, but once I covered the terrarium I had planted her in.... SUCCESS! Cats are jerks. They like to eat plants.

5 Reasons You're Killing Your Indoor Plants
4/23/13 12:44 PM

I work with a Seattle-based kitchen retailer and I was lucky enough to score a pretty nice "professional" discount on a Ruby 300. LOVE IT. Making all my scone doughs and biscuits and soups and hummus and EVERYTHING in it. And it's pretty. So pretty. I'd do it again.

The Kitchn Reviews the Vitamix Professional Series 300 Blender Product Review
4/12/13 10:27 PM

Our wedding was pretty small -- so small that we had to be super-choosy about who we invited, and we made a decision to not invite children outside of our nieces who were in the wedding. Well, my uncle ignored that, and RSVP'd as "one adult, three boys", and brought his three sons, and a black lab puppy(!) along. At first, I was pretty horrified about the puppy, but thankfully our venue was pet friendly (we also had a frenchie as our ring bearer, so yeah, WE had a dog there, too). Another couple brought along along their baby -- I mean what gives?

At the end of it all, the memories I have of that day are fantastic: all my friends, those beautiful children all playing bocce together in the sun, dogs everywhere. If I had enforced our policies, our day would have been a little less magic. And that's why I should probably take a xanax before every party I host.

Bringing Children to the Party: The New Etiquette Dilemma
4/11/13 01:54 PM

@Dabney -- I think our childhood rooms must have been quite similar. I had wallpaper on one wall -- an acid-bright 70's ABC's wallpaper in reds, yellows, oranges, and greens. The rest of the walls were BRIGHT yellow. I had orange/red shag carpeting. The rest of the house was a lovely green shag. Oh, the late 1970's.

Do You Remember Your Childhood Wallpaper?
4/9/13 02:32 PM

Thanks so much for this -- I've been looking at electrical wire to re-cover some paper cane chairs that were destroyed by one of our dearly departed felines. Wire is really expensive -- this is a much more realistic option.

Make a Colorful Custom Chair Seat Homelife
3/19/13 02:29 AM

BEST. HOUSE. TOUR. EVER. Reminds me of the awesome artsy houses my mom used to clean in Carmel when I was a kid.
I love this place. And the poodles!

Heather & Dave's Eclectic Enclave House Tour
1/15/13 06:04 PM

My friend Sebastian of Seattle Coffee Works taught me that upside down trick and my head just about exploded. 40 seconds for an amazing cup w/o an espresso machine is pretty great.

Make Iced Coffee Faster with an Aeropress Serious Eats
9/19/12 03:33 PM

How about DIY-ing some window film to cover just enough of the window to be private, while letting in light and views? I kind of like the look of uncovered bay windows.

Here's a simple tutorial at Design*Sponge to get you started...

How To Handle Quirky Window (and Quirky Landlord)? Good Questions
7/27/12 04:29 PM

Aww... RIP Ms Cunningham. I was just using The Fannie Farmer Baking Book a few days ago, and was marvelling at how her recipes are really what I used to learn to bake growing up. My mom used her FF Cookbook for EVERYTHING. I remember staying home alone as a 12 year old kid for the first time and making the recipe for Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies from the book and surprising mom and dad when they got home! Marion Cunningham will always live on in my kitchen!

In Memory of Marion Cunningham
7/13/12 03:36 PM

My dad did something similar to this for my older brother when we were little -- except it was a bright red fire truck. There was space for two beds, though the bottom was used more as a play zone. I was always SO JEALOUS of that one.

Far Out Man: Build Your Own Bus Bed

2/10/12 04:53 PM