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Scott, hey man, this is Ryan - the guy who could not decide on a sofa. It's been a while since we talked. I love your place. You should come over and do my place!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Small Cool 2009: Scott's Elegant Carriage House Tiny Division #42
4/25/09 02:37 AM

Where did you get the table for the kitchen. I love the place. Amazing.

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Lisa and Ryan Demo, Build, and Build Again!New York
8/20/08 09:53 PM

Hey Suzi,

I love the place. From the floorplan of the apt, I think you're in an awesome building. I live close by in Columbus. Where are your favorite places for finding pieces.

I love the uniqueness in every corner. Almost as if each piece has a story associated with it.

I definitely would love to hear from you -

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest Finalist - Suzi's L.E.S. Meets Le Marais
5/15/08 12:43 AM

Dave, what do you store in the lockers? Your place looks amazing. A truly unique style with unique finds and a wonderful eclectic space. I know Columbus, Oh isn't far from Chicago, but I would love have you help me pull my pieces together.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI House Tour: Dave's New Place
4/15/08 09:24 PM