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With regard to Spooner68's complaint about tension rods coming down, absolutely no intention of being snarky, but it's partially understanding the nature of tension, being equipped with brute strength and having strong rods for the purpose. I didn't get it myself until a good friend showed me. You have to have the rod some fraction wider than your opening and you may need to borrow the brute force to help you get the rod in place. In my case, my friend was taller and much stronger, and the curtain panels she put up are never coming down without her help. Hope I don't get tired of them.

My biggest complaint about shower tension rods are that the new "easy to install" ones are not easy at all; certainly not like the ones from just two years ago where you rolled to the right to your length, back to the left if needed, etc. and then hung. Today you need three hands, one to hold each end of the rod to your desired length, and a third hand to twist to lock. And if you manage to accomplish the job in one or two or three or more tries, you still have to hope things don't shift before you get the rod completely locked. And then, if you accomplish that, you have to hope you REALLY did get it completely locked. (And there can be defective rods that never lock).

On the good side, I love shower tension rods for their nice fat round shape for certain window applications, plus you can get shower stall tension rods for areas small than 6' and you can get all in dark rubbed bronze which goes very well with my dark framed windows.

Love all the great ideas suggested here. My current project is getting sun-screen blinds on my 8' wide windows which face west. An actual 8' blind is out of the question (way too heavy); two 4' blinds would create a break down the center of the window which is 4' across with a 2' panel on each side. Since these are beautiful view windows, this isn’t an option. Nor are ugly sun screens on the outside. So I bought sunscreen fabric, cut pieces to fit the 4' portion and used shower stall tension rods - one on top to anchor the blind and one on the bottom to "roll up" the blind when I wanted a clear view to the outside. Still a work in progress, but a lot cheaper than having blinds made (especially since they would be pretty custom) and, once summer is over and I don't need them, I can take them down, roll them up and store them away.

15+ Uses for Tension Rods You've Never Thought Of
7/17/14 04:40 PM

Great post! I particularly like #7; I have 3 furballs in my family, only my tumbleweeds of fur are white against a light couch and floors and are more often felt than seen. I don't apologize for them and when I hosted my former book club, the one member who was truly allergic to cats (anaphylactic shock reaction) apologized to me for not being able to attend. They are a challenge but they are my family and I love them.

#9 - Using your space they way it works for you is a biggie too (that's why my open floorplan LR/DR is now my living room/office with lots of challenges there too). But add to that Joanna's comment about "thinking outside the box" and bin_ra's comment about "repurposing", and I'm having a ball.

And to #10 - never inviting people over, I'd add "and not feeling bad about not inviting people over". It IS my sanctuary and it's up to me as to if and when and for how long and to how many people I choose to share it!

Your Home, Your Choice: 10 Home Explanations You Don't Owe
6/29/14 01:27 PM

The 3rd pic makes me want to run screaming from the room and the 4th looks like a staging warehouse where items are set up in vignettes because they sell items as well, but most of the other rooms are lovely and not at all decade specific. Really does prove that good design principles (not rules so much) are classic and work for every decade. I would never have dated the first room - it absolutely looks like now, and what I love about the second room is that it looks like a real room with someone's old but treasured pieces. I love BHG because they are so delightfully practical - I look at a lot of pix on HOUZZ but I get over- and under-whelmed at the same time seeing rooms that appear to be the size of my entire house and that don't look as though anyone lives there. I've come to love Apartment Therapy as well as BHG because you offer real solutions by real people for real people. I love the inspiration I get from both sources.

Style Time Capsule: Decorating Advice from 1975
6/13/14 12:57 PM

Totally charming!!! And full of inspiration. And I love Mr. or Ms. Kitty in the bedroom.

Nick & Spiro's City Farmhouse House Tour
4/29/14 08:07 PM

Love how you unabashedly have everything on display. What makes it work is that everything is coordinated (stainless and white), and that shelf over the stove for small appliances neatly lined up is ingenious. The little pops of color are a fun - the bright blue rug and the blue coffee cup, the yellow item in the white bowl (lemon?), the orange and yellow soap dispensers. The only thing I'd add would be something green and living somewhere. I'd love to sit at your table and have a cuppa in your kitchen!

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4/15/14 02:28 PM