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The minimalist in me is not liking these. We do spend more time in the bathroom, especially on the toilet. We should start implementing the same rule that some people have at get-togethers. No gadget.

The New Bathroom: 5 Top Trends
1/24/14 01:16 PM

I wasn't sure when I bought the collapsible clothing rack from Bed Bath & Beyond but I'm glad I did. It collapses all the way to floor so you can lean the frame against a wall or slide it under the bed.

I use it to hang dry my laundry if I have a lot. Usually I just use the metal PVC pipes setup that I have that is similar to these but not as fancy.

I just buy 3 LONG & 2 SHORT pipes (for stabilization) and the pieces that hold the pipes together...:-) The only problem is it's not collapsible so I just place it against a wall somewhere out of sight when it's not in use.

5 Drying Racks for Life Without a Dryer Renters Solutions
3/27/13 11:59 AM