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Wonderful! Thank you so much

Dream a Little Dream: Our Tenth Anniversary Film
6/2/14 07:56 PM

Love it! Great color.

Before & After: A Dated Nightstand Gets a New Lease on Life
4/30/14 12:33 PM

You are delightful!

Mike's Cabinet of Curiosities House Tour
4/2/14 12:22 PM

I love how Before and After pics are from the same angle. Always bugs me when the After is somewhere else in the room! What a beautiful, fantastic, fabulous re-design. Thank you.

Dan's Kitchen: The Big Reveal Renovation Diary
4/2/14 12:17 PM

That crooked art just screams. Hard to believe they accepted that photo!

Break the Ice: 8 Tips for Creating a Chattier, Cozier, Comfier Living Room
3/16/14 01:07 PM


A New Headboard by Bedtime: 12 Unusual & Affordable DIY Headboard Ideas
2/23/14 09:47 AM

WOW! Just wow!!!!!!

Jonathan's Evolving West Coast Style House Tour
1/14/14 12:23 PM

Wow, what an absolutely beautiful family. The space is fabulous, I love it all!

Nico and Michelle's Contemporary Condo House Tour
1/13/14 12:16 PM

Agree with Michael. Actually looks kind of dirty, but to each his/her own.

Johanna & Derek's Airy Live/Work Studio House Tour
11/4/13 12:28 PM

This place could not be any cooler! What a wonderful space...that first photo of the entry hallway just draws you in. So wonderful. One of my very favorites in all the years I've been reading Apartment Therapy. You guys are amazing!!

Greg & Rob's Sky Suite House Tour
10/26/13 10:23 AM

Great, creative space. Wow, he is really, really cute! Not to be sexist, as I do admire the many lovely women on AT, as well.

Nathan's Bright Print Studio WorkSpace Tour
9/3/13 07:54 PM

I love EVERYTHING about this place. Going to definitely borrow some ideas for my loft. Wonderful, masculine, peaceful, creative. FAB!!!! One of my very favorites.

Casey's Crisp & Contemporary DC Digs House Tour
7/7/13 10:58 AM

I think yours looks messy. I love a lot of stuff but yours is too much...like the basket on top of the microwave. Also, could be the photo, but the contrast isn't as dramatic.

Apartment Therapy on Copying to Learn Renovation Diary
6/11/13 02:10 PM

Love love love

Theodore & Matthew's Gingham Cottage House Tour
5/29/13 05:38 PM

Definitely the clean feeling of minimalist. I don't find the 'cozy' photo all that cozy, to be honest; too many pastels, doesn't feel cozy but too feminine. Cozy is dark and cluttered in an interesting way. All those fussy pastels in the photo doesn't seem cozy. I would have liked a before and after of the same space done two different ways.

Minimal vs. Cozy: Which is More \"You\"?
4/7/13 12:11 PM

Marigold! It will make you feel so happy when you climb the stairs. And hang some black and white framed photos.

Stairwell Paint Color Suggestions? Good Questions
3/11/13 01:59 PM

Oh my gosh, that little dog!! I could barely see how great the house was cuz that dog is sooooo cute!
And by the way, 'snooty' is not a word I would use for the fabulous NY apartments. I, for one, LOVE the NY ones, such creative use of space and furnishings, and also since my daughter has an amazing space in Brooklyn. You don't have to read the posts if they're too snooty for you.

Kate Payne's Warm East Austin Home House Tour
2/17/13 12:19 PM

Haha! I thought the same thing. Those pores are just so..out there!

Ten Oscar Winning Movies You Can Stream on Netflix Before the Big Show
2/5/13 12:23 PM

I love this! I really liked seeing him make a sandwich and pouring himself a drink. Great, masculine home!

John's Dwelling Place Matures into a Sanctuary House Tour
12/24/12 12:47 PM

Yes, get rid of those little pictures. Find something at IKEA or some other cheap but attractive poster. Trim around door stands out too much. Fresh flowers and de-clutter.

How To Freshen Up This Kitchen in Preparation For Selling? Good Questions
12/17/12 02:43 PM